Race : American Crime And Race Essay

Race : American Crime And Race Essay

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American Crime and Race
Race has always been an important issue in American society, culture, and history. It has, since the very beginning, shaped our nation to be what it is today and even shapes how we view others both in media and in real life, especially in today’s day and age. One particular show that touches greatly on the issue of race and how it affects American society is the ABC program American Crime, an anthology series where the second season is about a rape case that affects multitudes of people of different races and social statuses and also hits home on many race issues that deviate from the primary storyline. What is interesting about American Crime and its portrayal of racial issues is how it focuses on those issues from perspectives not normally talked about or seen, such as Latino students using derogatory terms towards black students, or racism between two people of the same race (i.e., “acting black”). This works very well for the show because it brings to light issues that do exist despite the fact that they are not widely talked about or acknowledged by a majority of people.
One of the more interesting characters in the show is Terri LaCroix (played by Regina King, who was also nominated for an Emmy for the role), the mother of one of the basketball captains accused of throwing the party. She is a black mother, wife, and is also in a career where she maintains a good amount of power and responsibilities, such as firing people, all on top of, with her husband, making a great amount of money. What is frequently seen about Terri throughout the show however is how she doesn’t, or at least tries not to, “act black”, wishing to instead separate herself and her family from other black people while at the same ti...

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...the fight rather than just targeting the Latino students.
What is rather enjoyable about American Crime, or rather, interesting to see, is the numerous ways in which the show portrays racial issues that, while not always being on the public radar, have been and still do affect our lives today. We don’t always hear about it, but somewhere, Latinos are being looked over in favor of non-Latino students, or somewhere where a black person is trying to use their gains to separate themselves from other black people and focus more on pushing their own interstate forward, or even somewhere where white people are the targets of racial persecution. What American Crime did was show us the more nonstandard ways in which race currently affects not just our lives, but our society and culture as well, as well as encouraging us to see it in our own lives and how to try and fix it.

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