The Quran And The Islamic State Essay

The Quran And The Islamic State Essay

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The Quran and the Islamic State
The concept of Islamic state has received increasing attention among Muslim societies in the last century. It has been also articulated and promoted by famous ideologues such as Sayyid Outb, Abul A 'la Maududi and Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in the last decades. Thus, many Islamist movements and some radical groups have struggled to establish an Islamic state based on the teachings of the Quran. However, does the Quran really command Muslims to establish a state or any specific political order?
Many contemporary and former Islamic parties, religious movements, and radical groups across the world assume that the Quran requires establishing an Islamic state based on the instructions of the Quran and the hadiths. Therefore, they are so active and vibrant in the political sphere to realize this idea. They also commonly consider Islam as an unchangeable and essentialist political framework to carry out this command. Hence, many Islamic movements by and large have emerged through the realization of an Islamic state as an ultimate ideal rather than an agenda of reform in the social and ethical regeneration of Muslim societies. However, the concept of the Islamic state is a recent development, rooted in the socio-political and economic transformations of the post enlightenment period in the period of modernity. The idea of an Islamic state differed from early ideas of Muslims about governance. Early scholars and Ulama haven’t used the concept of an Islamic state as the requirement of the Quran; yet it mostly emerged as the consequences of recent socio political internal crisis and confrontation of Muslim societies with western modernity and the nation state during the last two centuries.
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... interpretation of Islam. Thus, it is difficult to spread a form of doctrinal pluralism and respect to alternative understanding in the large extent. The lack of doctrinal pluralism was highly affiliated with the status quo of countries and power holders. In the last decades, many states of Muslim societies have imposed rigid ideologies and support the official (state) religion as the true religion and belief system. The monopoly of power elites over the truth has also created the most important obstacle for the development of a pluralistic ethos, which may also block the rise of Islamic enlightenment and then reform in the Islamic culture and civilization. In reality, there is no an ‘Islam’, there are ‘Islams’ in different contexts. This pluralist doctrine should be an integral part of studying the Islamic legacy to achieve the alternative, fair and good governance.

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