Quick Response Manufacturing ( Qrm ) Essay

Quick Response Manufacturing ( Qrm ) Essay

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In today’s competitive business world, ‘customer requirements or customer need’ is the main focus area for any organization. Customer is like a family member of a firm or organization. Industries are trying to capture customer’s view about quality regarding the products or services which they are going to provide. The user or buyer wants high quality products in optimum cost and quick response to changing environment from the firm. This will totally depends on overall effective performance of an organization. This paper gives an idea about Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) for increase in productivity in order to gain maximum profit and sustainable environment in competitive business world.
Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) is the worldwide business solution technique which focuses on time so time is the major parameter in QRM. In 1950, the Japanese developed quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) by implementing a successful and effective model in to the Toyota Plant in Japan. Quick Response Manufacturing was developed to give companies a competitive advantage by improving their operating efficiency. By providing constant growth and stronger profit, QRM should encourage new local manufacturing sites and gives stable manufacturing position. Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) can be an effective in targeting and accessing markets quickly. As technology advances, products and markets evolve, it is important for manufacturing strategy to keep align with these changes. In addition, an effective strategy needs to be supported by a precise methodology and appropriate tools.
This paper gives an overview of the QRM strategy, which focuses on lead time reduction throughout the organization. It covers the comparison of QRM with traditional a...

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...their lead times and deliver products for these markets quickly, while at the same time improving product quality and reducing cost.
In the ideal QRM situation, a manufacturing company would begin production as soon as an order is taken then suppliers would deliver raw materials directly to the production line, the product would be manufactured and the finished goods would flow directly to a waiting truck. QRM is designed to help manufacturers move towards this goal by taking a specific approach. The primary concept of Quick Response Manufacturing is to pull a raw material which is necessary, through the production process strictly according to the market demands. Under the QRM system, every part and order moves at maximum pace throughout the entire supply chain. Therefore, QRM should not be specified as a manufacturing strategy but as a complete business strategy.

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