Essay on Questions Regarding My Previous Journal Entry

Essay on Questions Regarding My Previous Journal Entry

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To answer your questions regarding my previous journal entry, the defendants that Liz and I met with last week for pre-trial meetings were all forfeiting civil charges. The City Attorney’s office only handles civil cases, while criminal cases are handled by the County of Manitowoc. Specifically, the defendants we met with were guilty of charges such as disorderly conduct, prowling, animal attacks, or operating a vehicle without insurance. While I am subject to confidentiality and cannot give too many details of the cases that the office handles, each case that I will encounter will be based on some violation of the Manitowoc Municipal Code. Defendants may meet with Liz, the staff attorney, to either attempt to change the charges or schedule a date for a trial in municipal court to fight the charges.
As mentioned in my previous journal entry, many of the tasks I completed this week are similar to those of the previous week. Once again, on Monday, May 23, I worked with Liz to prepare for her Tuesday pre-trial meetings and trials by reading over the case facts. After this, Liz assigned me to read through a few cases and determine whether or not the prosecution is calling the correct witnesses to prove the elements of the charges. For this, I made use of a software called “City Law” which allows me to search a case by the case number and read the facts and police reports. Along with this, I made use of the Manitowoc Municipal Code and Wisconsin State Statutes to figure out the elements that need to be proved by calling witnesses. Two of the cases that I researched were possession of THC, and another was a failure to yield in an intersection. With my experience with the University of Minnesota’s Mock Trial Association, I felt comfort...

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...ver is intoxicated), I had to read over the official Field Sobriety Guidelines produced by the United States Department of Transportation to ensure that the police officer followed best practices when conducting the test. I tried my hardest to make the examination as detailed as possible, and when discussing it with Liz, she stated that it was very good for my first operating while intoxicated case. She said that these cases are very complex and there are a lot of elements necessary to prove and which will become easier with practice. I greatly appreciate all of the opportunities given to improve my writing, and I hope that I will continue to see improvement over the summer. This specific trial is scheduled to take place next week Tuesday, so I am excited to see how Liz will handle the case and I hope to learn from watching an actual trial, should it not be canceled.

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