Questions On Writing ' The Middle Column ' Essay

Questions On Writing ' The Middle Column ' Essay

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Name: Kirstin Cain
Directions: Type in your transcript in the middle column; they table will expand as you type.
Number Dialogue Comments
1. Kirstin: Hi Patricia. How are you? Greeting.
2. Patricia: I am a little down at the moment.
3. Kirstin: What’s going on? Open question.
4. Patricia: I just found out I was pregnant.
5. Kirstin: Mmmm, that’s news. Prompt.
6. Patricia: Yeah.
7. Kirstin: How are you feeling about it? Open question.
8. Patricia: Scared. I do not know what to do.
9. Kirstin: How many kids do you have now? Information seeking closed question.
10. Patricia: Two.
11. Kirstin: How old are they? Information seeking closed question.
12. Patricia: 14 and 11. It is kind of, do you want to start over again? What do you want to do?
13. Kirstin: Yeah. So you are feeling down and it is sounding like you’re a little uncertain to me about what you want to do. What’s causing you to feel down instead of happy? Paraphrase of feeling and possible feeling.
Open question.
14. Patricia: I got really sick with both of the pregnancies and almost died in the last one so, (sigh) I guess I am really scared.
15. Kirstin: Mmm. Ok. (pause) What does your doctor say? Prompt.
Open question.
16. Patricia: They haven’t really said much. They don’t want to see me for a little while, they said everything looks normal at the moment but…(Patricia stops talking)
17. Kirstin: How far along are you? Information seeking closed question.
18. Patricia: Just. We just found out it - is not very far. If we are going to do anything then this would be the point to do it and to prolong and wait is… the harder the decision.
19. Kirstin: So it sounds like to me you’re trying to decide between keeping the baby and having an...

... middle of paper ...

... however, in line 35, I could have turned that closed question into an open one by changing “Can” with “What”.

Ability to Paraphrase: Comment on your ability to follow the guidelines for paraphrasing; restated the speaker’s thoughts and feelings in your own words without adding anything new.

I did well with paraphrasing during the beginning half of the conversation and was able to paraphrase a feeling, a possible feeling and a key idea (lines 13 &19). As the conversation progressed, I came close to parroting what Patricia was saying and need to vary the words I use to paraphrase.

Other Comments:

Looking at the transcript, I didn’t realize how often I use the word “so” as a filler sound while organizing my thoughts. The end of the conversation seems a bit abrupt as well. All in all, it was an interesting assignment and I have a better awareness of my vocal cues.

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