Questions On Writing And Grammar Essay

Questions On Writing And Grammar Essay

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I can safely say I absolutely dreaded taking this class, I tried everything I possibly could to choose anything besides writing 101. Writing and grammar have been my weakness for as long as I can remember. I ignored or avoided anything pertaining to writing my entire time in school, it is actually one of the main reasons I hated school and performed so badly. All other subjects came very easy to me, I didn’t even need to study or open a text book on most occasions, but writing was like a nightmare. That’s how I entered this class, expecting the worse, planning my failure before I even signed on for my first class, and trying to convince anyone I could, my daughter, nieces, and wife to take this class for me so I could have a shot to pass.

The class started as I expected to be honest, me failing quizzes horribly, and becoming very embarrassed. I often thought to myself what my other classmates were thinking when reading my posts, and how everyone must be shaking their heads in disbelief of how stupid I was because of my lack of grammar skills. But I stuck with it, I continued to fail my quizzes and write my papers and ask for my kids or wife to proof read and tell me where I messed up. What helped me the most were the discussions, because instead of just writing how I talk normally I started to try and write the way the lessons and readings suggested I should. And even though my confidence is still very shaky, I now feel I have a much better grasp on period and comma placement, as well as different writing styles. The Comfit assignments have helped me the most, first I can take them over and over until I started to understand, for me practice has always been the easiest way for me to learn and remember. The quizzes however, to be ...

... middle of paper ...’t I just write some papers, take some tests and get the class over with was my initial thinking. This was most likely due to my initial issues balancing home life with online classes, being able to log on and off and my leisure was tough. I didn’t have much discipline at first, I did however have a ton of excuses I could fall back on. My back pain, my medications, my kids, all were suitable excuses for me to log off and turn off the laptop, but over time I buckled down and found a way to make a suitable schedule so I could focus on my studies. The excuses were also most likely due to my embarrassment and trepidation about writing.

In conclusion, I can safely say I have found this class very rewarding. Especially after the Email I received from my professor pointing out the progress I have made. I still struggle, but the anxiety and fear of writing no longer reman.

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