Essay about Questions On Weaknesses And Weaknesses

Essay about Questions On Weaknesses And Weaknesses

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S.W.O.T. - Weaknesses
The six weaknesses identified by CFVC were their small budget, lack of staff, inconsistent intern participation, lack of name recognition, consistency of loyalty, and misunderstanding of domain in the community.
Just like most other non-profit organizations, financial resources are a concern for the CFVC. The center listed the size of their budget as a weakness. They feel that it limits them and their impact.
Stemming from the lack of financial resources, the lack of staff was also identified as a weakness. The CFVC has a physical office, but they have no full-time staff to run the office. Annie is the only person who is available consistently to contact and to run daily operations.
The center works with college students to employ them as interns. While they have interest in this program and receive new intern applications each semester, they have an issue with consistent participation.
One of the most prominent weaknesses and one that was discussed the furthest was the lack of name recognition for the CFVC. Everyone knows Big Buddy, and everyone knows Annie Anthony, but very few people know the Cape Fear Volunteer Center, and even fewer know that all three of those entities work together. There are many problems that can stem from a lack of name recognition. Lack of name recognition can influence the amount of funding received, the perceived legitimacy in the community, and ultimately the overall community impact.
The consistency of participant loyalty was addressed as a weakness. This is an issue that many non-profit organizations face. Non-profit work can be exhausting. Most people become involved with a specific non-profit organization because they are passionate about its cause. However, it is easy ...

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...eer Center must address these funding issues. It is simple to state that the organization needs more money but it is more difficult to state how. Currently the bulk of Cape Fear Volunteer Center’s funding comes fundraising events such as the Azalea Children’s Tea, and the annual 5K. However, it has been noted that there is a lack of individual or repeat donors and there is little to no corporate sponsorship. Additionally, it was noted that because there is very little data recorded for the organization, Cape Fear Volunteer Center struggles to obtain grants.
Cape Fear Volunteer Center must work in each, or at least two, of these areas in order to improve their current financial state. Without funding the organization will continue to lack a full-time staff and will need to consider restructuring or eliminating some of their programs to continue providing services.

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