Questions On Understanding Work Teams Essay

Questions On Understanding Work Teams Essay

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Understanding Work Teams
BMAL 500
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Liberty University

This research paper is based on Chapter 10, Understanding Work Teams in the Workplace. My research paper is based on my own work-related experiences (direct observation.) My organizational issue is Understanding Work Teams and will be analyzed using the following two core concepts: Problem-Solving Teams and Self-Managed Work Teams.
Organizational Issue
The organizational issue in this paper is Understanding Work Teams in the Workplace and how it affects the employees in the Sheriff Department specifically the Uniform Division which I work for. The Uniform Division consists of Patrol Deputies in 7 regions around the County, K-9, Traffic, School Resource Officers, Courthouse Security, Warrants, and more. While working with a Sheriff Department the most important thing that I notice is work teams in the workplace. Without teamwork the mission can fail because everyone is not on one accord. This is very important in the line of work that I did on an everyday basis. Teams can do a variety of things. They can make products, provide services, negotiate deals, coordinate projects, offer advice, and make decisions (Robbins & Judge, 2009, pp.324). Teams in my environment vary throughout the department.
Problem-Solving Teams
In problem-solving teams, members share ideas or offer suggestions on how work processes and methods can be improved; they rarely have the authority to unilaterally implement any of their suggested actions (Robbins & Judge, 2009, pg.324). Problem solving is a model that first solves student difficulties within general education classrooms. If problem-solving interventions are not successful in general ed...

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...t it, the organization will go downhill. No matter what type work technique you may use just make sure it will benefit everyone just not one person. With teamwork comes responsibility to help everyone become successful at the end. Every group has different characteristics and properties, norms pertaining to how they resolve conflict, and as a group, their norms were different (Fischer, 2012).

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