Questions On Understanding Identity And Identity Essay

Questions On Understanding Identity And Identity Essay

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Jessica Baeza: Response Paper 2-September 28, 2014
1. Understanding Identity
a. Identities that are created through communication are identities that you communicate to others. They are identities that you express about yourself while you are communicating with others. It is also how other people see you through your actions, ideas, and thoughts. It is how we define ourselves through our communication with others and how our communication defines us (Martin & Nakayama, 2011.) When I am communicating with a stranger, my identity is as a Mexican American. When I communicate with a friend, my identity is as a kind and caring friend. When I communicate with a teacher, advisor, other student, or professor, I am identified as a student. When I communicate with my significant other, my identity is as a girlfriend.
b. Identities that are created in spurs are classified as identities that we discover or create through spurts and random times. They are not created through smooth processes in our lives (Martin & Nakayama, 2011.) Before we moved to the United States, our family was identified as a Catholic Mexican American household. After moving to the United States, my mother and I found that our religious identity was not what we had been our whole lives. We discovered our Baptist religious identity through our community.
c. Identities that are multiple are identities that we choose to emphasize according to the situations we are confronted in (Martin & Nakayama, 2011.) I choose to highpoint my identity as a mother when I am with my daughter, the doctors, birthday parties, and everywhere else. I choose to highlight my student identity when I am attending school. I choose to highlight my gender identity when I am around my significant ...

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4. My identities change how I communicate with others because I tend to look for people that have similar identities to mine. I also try to be aware of the other identities and try to define them so I can communicate with them in a better manner. I also know how to communicate with people that have similar identities because I know how I would like to be treated, as well. After learning my identities, I will try to be more aware of the identities of others and communicate with people through their identities and my identities. In the textbook, it classifies all identities but it never involves them all together. In my life, I will embrace my multicultural identity. I am both American because I was born in the United States and Mexican because I was raised there. I will also try to avoid stereotypes when addressing other cultures (Martin & Nakayama, 2011.)

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