Questions On The Work Ethics Essay

Questions On The Work Ethics Essay

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Please find a question for each of the ten work ethics traits. Read each question and type your response in Microsoft Word. Just save this file to your personal folder and type in your response under each question. Please bold your answers. Email your assessment to me AS AN ATTACHMENT with the subject line being “Work Ethics.” This must be done by June 12, 2016, midnight!
Each answer must be thought provoking and in paragraph form. You cannot answer these questions in one or two sentences. It should take at least five sentences to complete your thought and answer the questions. Each question is worth ten points. Students must obtain a score of 70 or better to complete the work ethics requirement for this class. Remember, this assessment counts 5 percent of your overall grade.
1. Attendance
Dewey is an Administrative Assistant with ABC Corporation. His company requires that he sign in when he reports to work. His workday lasts from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. On Tuesday, the traffic was heavy and Dewey arrived at work at 8:07. He signed in for 8:00 and hoped that he wouldn’t get caught. At the end of the day, Dewey’s supervisor talked to him about reporting late for his job. Dewey argued that he had worked hard to make up for being late.
Define the problem and describe how the problem could be resolved.
The problem is that Dewey thought he could get away with putting the wrong time. I am sure the company would have understand that there was traffic, wreck, or some unforeseeable event as to why he was slightly late for work. I don 't find it correct to argue with the supervision; I mean sure explanation is appropriate but Dewey reacted defensively. The way to solve the issue would be to check traffic reports, lea...

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...ants must wait on hold several minutes for Mr. Kim. Co-workers and clients complain to you, wondering if you gave them the wrong time for the call.
What messages does Mr. Kim’s behavior give to co-workers and clients? What should you say when you talk to him about this situation?
Mr. Kim shows lack of responsibility and consideration for others. I 'm sure the co-workers and clients feel thrown aside and not taken seriously. I would explain to Mr. Kim about how his actions are affecting me and the clients/co-workers he works with. Discuss with him how the others are upset about having to wait and becoming frustrated with myself for thinking I gave the incorrect time. I would ask nicely for him to please start the conference call on time. Also inform him that should being late be unpreventable to inform so I can send an email or notification to the others.

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