Questions On The 's Treatment Plan For The Emergency Room Essay

Questions On The 's Treatment Plan For The Emergency Room Essay

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1. Discuss personal examples of data that was missing or not shared, for example, following a trip to the emergency room.
When a patient seeks medical attention at an emergency room, there are times when they are unconscious, unable to recall his or her health history, or medications that they are taking. All of these are vital pieces of information that could affect the physician’s treatment plan for the patient. If a patient is unable to indicate what medication they are allergic to only indicating it is an antibiotic or what the medication was prescribed to treat, this creates a roadblock for the treating physician. Unfortunately, there are times when this information is overlooked when imputing data into an EHR program. However, a problem that exists is with the numerous different types of EHR programs that are used throughout the country.
One of our patients was admitted into the hospital in another state following an auto accident that left her unconscious. She was given an intravenous pain medication which unknowing to the ER physician, she was allergic to which caused her to go into an anaphylactic shock. She is fully recovered however, she had indicated that if one hospitals EHR program will not correspond with those out of state, how effective is it then? According to Hoyt, Bailey, and Yoshihashi (2014), “Roughly, 60% of hospitals shared electronic health data with physicians and other hospitals outside their organizations” (p. 154). Unfortunately, other articles show this percentage is substantially lower.
Another complaint we receive from patients occurs when they have lab work done at a draw station at the request of another physician or following an emergency room visit, many patients receiv...

... middle of paper ... with testing that has been completed, labs, diagnostic etc. Not many patients carry a list of his or her current medications that they have been prescribed so this information should be made available. Access to a list of the physicians that treats the patient should be readily available. This information could be important when a patient requires treatment and a surgeon or physician would like to discuss the patient’s symptoms or prognosis with the patient’s primary care physician. The most important type of information that should be accessible is a photo of the patient to prevent the patient’s medical record from being accessed due to an error or fraudulently. Secondly, access to the patients insurance will ensure that only covered services are conducted and if a certain test is required, the patient can determine if he or she wants it.

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