Questions On The 's Revolt 1898 Essay

Questions On The 's Revolt 1898 Essay

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1. Insurgent’s Revolt 1898
• The Insurgent’s Revolt was the Cuban revolt against Spain. Americans supported the Cubans and their fight for independence, so they tried to help them out. This ultimately led to the Spanish-American War where the Cubans were ultimately able to gain their independence.
2. Samuel “Golden Rule” Jones 1846-1904
• Samuel Jones was the Mayor of Toledo during the progressive era. Jones created the Ohio Oil Company which was bought by the Standard Oil Company. Joes was a strong advocate of the Golden Rule hence his nickname. He also believed in hard work and honesty. He built parks, enacted 8-hour work days, and helped fix the city government.
3. Open Door Policy 1899
• Open Door Policy was a policy created by John Hay, United States Secretary of State at the time. The concept was that no one country would have a monopoly over the Chinese market, but rather every country could sell, trade, and buy with the Chinese in their so called “Sphere of Influence”
4. Emilio Aguinaldo 1899-1901
• Emilio Aguinaldo was a Philippine. He helped America fight during the Spanish-American War and in return he hoped for independence for the Philippines but ended up with no such luck. In anger Emilio decided to declare war on America, but he was captured by Americans and forced to accept American ways.
5. Spheres of Influence 1900
• Spheres of Influence are sections of a country in which a foreign has specific right in which another foreign country may not have in that same area. When the Open Door Policy of China was created it allowed foreign countries to export, and trade in china within their “Spheres of Influence”.
6. Big Stick Diplomacy 1901
• Big Stick Diplomacy was a concept developed by Theodore Roosevelt. He ...

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...of Nations, and played a pivotal role in Republican support of Warren Harding.
39. Treaty of Versailles 1919
• The Treaty of Versailles was the treaty that ended WWI. The Treaty of Versailles established open diplomacy, freedom of navigation, freedom of trade, disarmament, self-determination of nations, the withdrawal of German troops, reparations of Germany, and the League of Nations.
40. League of Nations 1920
• The League of Nation was created as a result of a peace conference that ended World War I. The organizations’ goals were to insure world peace and resolve international arguments. The United States never joined.
41. Charles and Mary Beard 1927
• Charles and Mary Beard wrote the book The Rise of American Civilization in 1927. They believed that the American government was based on economic values rather than the more commonly thought political values.

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