Questions On The Presidents Clean Energy Act Essay

Questions On The Presidents Clean Energy Act Essay

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This week’s topic will discuss two questions concerning the Presidents clean energy act. They are as follows; is the President 's policy on the coal industry correct in that he wants to eliminate it to reduce greenhouse gasses? What effect will this have on our nation 's poor and on the rich and will it have an effect on the world as a whole? The clean energy act policy states that each energy production facility must reduce their greenhouse gas emissions 30% by 2030. “The Environmental Protection Agency released a long-anticipated rule proposal that seeks by 2030 to reduce America’s carbon dioxide emissions 30% from 2005 levels” (Helman, 2014). Greenhouse gases are claimed to be the biggest reason for the climate change seen today. Scientist claim that increased greenhouse gases are the cause of the melting of the ice caps and the increased heat and storms seen in recent years. It has been proven that the greenhouse gas emotions are down 15% already from the 2005 numbers. As stated in Forbes online magazine the “first 15% of carbon reductions has consisted of low-hanging fruit” (Helman, 2014). The major claim of the administration’s policy is that power production will result in cheaper rates if coal is substituted with natural gas, but this will only cause wasteful and overuse of the power is this is the case.
The short answer to the question, if the policy on the coal industry is correct to eliminate coal burning power plants to reduce greenhouse gasses, is No! Yes; coal burning power plants do contribute to carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere at a higher rate than other sources known today, but to say that these facilities need to be shutdown is absurd. The only other option known today that is capable of produc...

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...mplement and maintain for the same power output that one coal burning plant can produce.
This is not the first time the government has mandated a policy that was unable to be brought to light, most of the ones running this country today have no idea what it takes to provide for the American people and are only in their position for the all mighty dollar. Whoever can donate the most money will have their agendas pushed to become law. The coal deposits will not last forever, and we should look at other sources of energy for when that time comes, but to say that all coal fired factories will be obsolete by 2030 is absurd! We as Americans must hold the fortitude to do the right thing and ensure this country can provide for the people, but singling out the power issues and coal burning is something that is far less important that the other issues we are facing today.

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