Essay Questions On The Decision Making Process

Essay Questions On The Decision Making Process

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In order to make the right decisions, I have learned in this class it requires you to ask five questions to ensure the decision-making process is done to the best of your ability. The first question you would need to ask yourself is, do you have enough time to make the decision? By asking yourself this you’re determining if the decision could be made based off of your intuition or you analysis to figure out what is the best decision. It is extremely important to take your time when doing this. You don’t want to make a decision based off the first thing that comes to your mind. If you do so, you could make the wrong decision on a very significant matter, and that could affect your business in a negative way. The second question to ask yourself is, how important is the issue? Prioritizing on a task is a must, and know what needs to come first, and know what needs to come last. Third, acquiring needed information. Technology is a very helpful tool in gathering information in today’s society. Make sure the data you have is accurate and it’s enough to complete making the decision. Fourth, consider who should be involved. Many times you will have a team involved with decision making. This is great and it makes what you are deciding on a lot easier and faster. It’s wonderful when you’re not back in a corner by yourself when making a decision. The fifth question to ask is if the decision is going to work? Making sure you test out your decision is a precise way to handle what’s coming next after the decision has been put in place. Once you realize the five questions to ask yourself in order to make sure you’re making the right decision things will get a lot better for you.
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...ees with the same strengths which are competition. This caused a ludicrous behavior in the work environment. Employees felt as if they had to compete with everything. They had to be the best at everything or they were nothing at all. Kim notices she made a mistake by choosing to have a shift with employees that has the same strengths. At the time of hiring the employees, Kim thought if all her employees had competition as their strength her restaurant would excel over all the other restaurants. Kim fails to realize that too many strengths of the same would make the business go down instead of rising above. Kim instantly spread the employees out on all three shifts and hired different employees with different strengths from then on out. This way Kim has a mixture of employees with different strengths, and it benefited one another and the restaurant profit from then on.

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