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6 Morning Rituals To 'Win Your Day '

If you have ever read any of Napoleon Hill’s work, or the many edited versions of his work, you will know that developing positive is very important. Positive habits are easier to build in a morning for some reason. Maybe it is because sleep hits an internal reset button, or maybe it is because positive habits are easier to build when you are at freshest. Here are six morning rituals that may just change your life.

Write Down The Dream You Had

It sounds like an odd ritual to start your day with, but you have to accept that we do not really know that much about dreams or why we have them. There are plenty of theories about them, but very little usable proof. Write down your dreams and you will feel the benefits.

Your dreams may offer solutions to problems you were not even aware of. Your dreams may be a gateway to your intuition and gut feelings. Your dreams may inspire you and they may set your mood for the rest of the day.

How your dreams affect your mood may be important. If you wake up in a bad or negative mood and write down your dreams, you may come to understand that your attitude was/is caused by your dream. Similarly, if you are in a good mood, you may write down your dream and reflect upon why it put you in a good mood. Could you replicate what happened in the dream to make yourself happy again?

[+] Do not forget you may use a Dictaphone app instead of writing
[+] Do not forget that you can write your dream down while using the toilet
[+] Do not try to act on your dream; simply make a note of it

Fix An Annoyance

Ideally, you should fix such annoyances at the end of your workday and/or before you go to bed, but sometimes that is not possible. Instead of allow...

... middle of paper ... and how lucky you are to still be here, and you will find that the trivialities of life (such as how often your bins are emptied) no longer matter as much.

[+] If you pray, do not ask; simply give thanks for all the blessings in your life
[+] If you reflect, only reflect on the things you are glad you still have
[+] If you take a moment, consider how lucky you are to still be alive right now


This article doesn’t contain advice about what to eat in a morning or even if you should eat in a morning. Some people may like to mediate, and some people may find it a waste of time. Others may prefer yoga, and others may think yoga is counterproductive if said person wishes to have an efficient day. The morning routines that matter to one person may not matter to another, so they have been omitted. The points made in this article are built to suit everybody.

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