Essay on Questions On Socialization And Socialization

Essay on Questions On Socialization And Socialization

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Yone Kudi
Essay Test # 2

What is socialization? Socialization is the process in which we as people become members of society. As individuals our sense of belonging is shaped through the agents of socialization. The agents of socialization that contribute to the shaping of an individual’s sense of belonging to a group consist of educational institutes, peers, Mass media, family, and religious institutes. The five agents of socialization play a large roles in an individual’s perspective on the way of life, behavior, social interaction and how the communicate with other members of the group. Socialization not only makes us aware of ourselves as being part of a group but also deeply affects ones understanding of norms, beliefs, desires as well as interest.
The agents of socialization in a way can be considered as universal in the sense that all individuals go through a socialization process that consist of 2 or more of the agents which helps shape them to be members of their societies. On the other hand the five agents can also be considered to be non- universal for each agent contributes to the individual’s sense of belonging to a group that classifies the individual and make the individual different for the other groups and societies.
Each of the five agents play a meticulous role in shaping of an individual. The following information will discuss the roles of each agent and how they contribute to a person’s socialization as well as how each agent personally affected my socialization.
The family agent of socialization is the first form of socialization that an individual receives. Through the family agent one is ascribes their first statues of belonging to specific permanent groups, that contribute to their conc...

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...oung minds. The culture portrayed by the mass media emphasizes glamour, sexual satisfaction and promiscuity, comedic vulgarity, violence, and immediate gratification of needs.”(Rperrino, 2011). Usage of mass media has become very high and is more common than before given this fact it only makes sense for society to use the mass media as a method of socialization of its members contributing to the shaping of the individual and productiveness in their society.
Whichever the case society is build through the agents of socialization. The agents of socialization sets the understating of belonging, norms, and taboo. The process of socialization through the five agents of socialization is important for it is also what classifies an individual into groups which set the differences between groups.

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