Essay on Questions On Online Dispute Resolution

Essay on Questions On Online Dispute Resolution

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WEEK 4 – DISCUSSION. Online Dispute Resolution
What do you see as the advantages and disadvantages in applying online Dispute Resolution? Please provide the details of your reasoning for your response.

Doing online business is a very convenient way to buy products with just a click of the mouse. However, when we click that mouse, do we know what organization we are purchasing from? When purchasing online, you cannot see the condition of the product. Such as the quality, size, and is it actually what you are purchasing. You have no idea who are placing your order with. Once you make a final purchase that is, releasing your credit card information, there is no turning back.
Some disadvantages include impersonal and potentially inaccessible to some individuals. Goodman (2003), wrote that “Electronic communication is no substitute for the ability of face-to-face conversations to foster important process values of mediation at. “There is almost universal agreement that mediation is most effective if the parties to the dispute are physically present before the mediator” (Goodman, 2003). Fully automated cyber-mediation can only be used to resolve specific types of disputes and, even then, can only handle disputes where the amount of the settlement is the only unresolved issue (Goodman, 2003).

Advantage of online dispute resolution includes cost savings on travel and accommodation as all resolution take place online. According to Goodman (2003), traditional mediation, parties may be able to save a lot of money in cyber-mediation, where hiring an attorney is often unnecessary. According to the Rule (2013) Video, ODR agreements are accessible on the internet by anyone anywhere without boundaries. “The advantage of cyber-mediation a...

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...occurring at a rapid pace (Katsh, n.d.). There was skepticism that online resources could be used effectively to assist those involved in a dispute, because face to face meeting was required. But computers were information processing machines and the Internet facilitated communication in place of the face to face meeting. “Software, by definition, manages the flow of information and, therefore, with appropriate software, interactions between disputants might be managed online in a manner that would lead to an agreement. ODR, therefore, would not only be needed but it would also be feasible” (Katsh, n.d.). “While ODR has its roots in North America, the process is taking off internationally. A big draw for ODR is its ability to solve disputes despite vast geographical distances, making it a prime candidate for the resolution of international disputes” (Kolar, n.d.).

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