Questions On Online Databases Using A Minimum Of Four Relevant Empirical Sources

Questions On Online Databases Using A Minimum Of Four Relevant Empirical Sources

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The purpose of this assignment is show proficiency in navigating the online databases using a minimum of four relevant empirical sources from the research question, describing the strategies employed to navigate the databases, reviewing the databases utilized, and summarizing findings from the empirical sources. This paper will discuss the key terms from the research question, thesaurus usage to generate different search results, and utilization of strategies like Boolean connectors to aid in research. Following that is a quick overview of the selected databases, knowledge gained from viewing database tutorials, and conclude with the identification and short description of the scholarly resulting from the database searches.
The content of this assignment derives from the question “Are there barriers to entry in global markets, specifically the Chinese market”? Barriers to entry, global markets, and Chinese were three key terms directly out of the question that are critical to returning relevant search results. Variation in terminology is critical to researchers, not only in writing their findings but additionally in researching. Changing words can result in varying degrees of search results while not navigating away from the topic of research; for example, interchanging words such as global, international, and universal can assist in returning a wider array of results. The use of Boolean connectors (and, or, not) in database searches allows the user to expand or restrict the information that the search returns. While conducting research for this assignment, Boolean connectors were an important part of narrowing the search results by using global strategy with the connector “and” to return results that contained both global strateg...

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...riers for foreign direct investment and private investors: Lessons from China’s electricity market. The electricty market welcomes foreign investment yet struggles to attract investors for a multitude of reasons, including the stronghold of previously monopolies, unpredictable pricing model, and expansion of the state ownership. This mixed-method research assists in comprehending systematic barriers to entry that arise over time and create blockages, which even when internal efforts are made to remove them, frustrate international investors and create an involuntary barrier. The knowledge accumulated from the four journals above validate the importance of effective database usage to gain knowledge on research topics. The volume of information available and varying perspectives from researchers create an excellent foundation for what will be an awesome dissertation.

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