Essay on Questions On Non Employment Interviews

Essay on Questions On Non Employment Interviews

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• There are two sides for this particular question, first, if Amata knows that illegal question is being asked to her, she should not respond to the question because knowing illegal or unrelated matters should not be involving to any pre-employment interviews. For example, for an illegal interview question are:
1. Religion
2. Age
3. Marriage Status
4. Criminal Background
5. Race
6. Color
7. Birthplace
8. Disability
• Also, by giving the résumé and cover letter to the company that you are trying to apply in, it should already have all information that needing to Amata’s employment. Second, answering the illegal question is kind of your own choice, it will be good or bad good because you are actually telling them the truth and if you get hired there is nothing to be hiding to the company. Bad because it can hurt securing the job that it can possible yours by saying the truth.
• Interviewer is really unaware of things they say and people always have their own perspectives into things. Asking question could be misinterpreting and misleading and it could hurt the company that asked the question. I highly suggest to have a prepare question, so that the interview can run smooth with good communication and transition.
• I honestly do not know why illegal question is getting brought up during the interviews, but what I think is, it could be a test to the applicant knowing what is their rights during in pre-employment interview.
• Yes, company nowadays prefer open availability and flexible hours. By telling to the interviewer that Amata is going to be married this coming summer it could hurt her on the interview because is not going to be available or be busy during the summer time and in any business, summer time is the busies time in an...

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..., as he mentioned, “I’m going to take a few campus interviews, and I’ll rough out a one-page résumé, but I’m not writing a cover letter…,” Cover letter is really necessary nowadays because it giving thanks to the person reading the résumé for their time and consideration. Also, cover letter provides information showing that you have the qualities the job calls and making a statement about yourself and your suitability for the job applying for. Cover letter can be a one-page letter, but it gives a big impact into a résumé.
¬ Howard, as Frank and R. C. as his fellow fraternity brothers, I want Howard to help his fellow brother regarding to the campus job preparation. It seems that among the three, Howard is the only one knows what he is doing. He seems over-preparing it because he wants it so badly and he want to prove something to other people that bringing him down.

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