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Questions On My Virtual Child Essay

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The purpose of this assignment is to answer the three posed questions in regards to my Virtual Child, who I will refer to as Kieran though out my assignment. I will be describing changes in his exploratory or problem solving behaviors as well as analyzing his temperament. I will also summarize his developmental assessment at nineteen months old that may differ from my perception than what was assessed through his developmental examiner.
Kieran was at the age of eight months when I first used the object permanence test developed by Jean Piaget, in the aspect of sensorimotor development in both stage 3 and 4 of the Six Substages of Sensorimotor Development (Table 6-2 pg 154). At stage 3 infants begin to show greater interest in their world with objects becoming incorporated into what is called the secondary circular reaction where they start to learn about the actions associated with objects. At Substage 4 this marks the onset of deliberate, intentional behavior because the “means” (action/method) and “end” (purpose/goal) of activities become distinct (Kail and Zolner, 153).
Kieran at this stage was able to find the hidden object, as long as I didn’t wait too long or distract him in the middle of the search. Kieran really likes this hiding game and shows by his interest that he wants it repeated. However, if I hide the object in the same place repeatedly, and then change the hiding place, Kieran has a strong tendency to look in the old hiding place. He then gets confused about where the object is, or forgets about it. This cautious error was first discovered by Jean Piaget, but researchers now have some new explanations for this error; “However, investigators have questioned Piaget’s conclusions (Baillargeon, 1994; Case, 1999; Sm...

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...tress. His sleep pattern were also not the typical four hours of sleep like most newborns, he only slept two hours at a time and sometimes became fussy and was difficult to soothe and was not a good napper. Obviously I can’t believe that I raised my child that exceeded my expectations but I believe my responsible parenting and great first experiences may have been a great influence as “in a longitudinal study, infants were more likely to have a secure attachment relationship at twelve months when their parents were sensitive, responding quickly and appropriately to their infant at 3 months” (Cox, Owen, Henderson, & Margand, 1992). This can be said that families are the first and most powerful influences in their child’s life with incredible benefits to also provide early learning and development that will reap powerful benefits in the years to come.

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