Questions On My New Year 's Resolutions Essay

Questions On My New Year 's Resolutions Essay

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Whether you are thinking about your New Year 's Resolutions, or just want a change in your life starting right now despite the date, it 's important to sit down and ask yourself some thought provoking questions that will help you get clear on where you are and what you really want. If you don 't, then you will set up goals that are flimsy, unimportant, or too hard to stick to, which will end up in failure.

Not sure what to ask yourself? Following are 14 thought provoking questions that will help you get real clear on your goals. Get out some paper or your favorite text editor and answer each one of them. As you answer, you will create an outline for your life. When you are finished, you can go through your answers, get clear on what you need to do, and build a goal list for your life that excites you.

1. What Are My True Intentions In Life?

Intentions aren 't specific goals. They are the reason that you create goals. They are your desires, such as living in joy, having success, being wealthy, living in peace, or being healthy. They are what make your goals worth achieving.

For instance, if your goal is to lose weight it 's not really about losing weight, it 's about how you will feel when you lose weight or what you will do when you lose weight. Your intention may be to be comfortable with your body.

Intentions are the motivation behind your goals, so it 's important to get clear on what yours are so that you can make goals that line up with what you truly want. An completely intention could look like this, "My intention is to bring a large amount of money in monthly, feel good with my body, and have a sense of peace with everyone I know."

Don 't worry about how it would look to other people. Get clear on what your big...

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...You don 't know what 's going to happen or what opportunities you will get. Therefore, make sure the goal is big enough that it scares you a little, but not so small that you can putz around for a year and still make the goal.

6. What Surprises Do I Want To Manifest In 1 Year?

If you could line up specific events and people in your life to help you achieve your goals, what would they be? Would you meet your idol? Would you travel to attend a seminar that helps you achieve your goals? What types of things would pop up in your life to help you move towards what you want?

Write the answers you get down and put them on a vision board. The focus on having unexpected help and inspiration pop up in your life will help you keep your eyes open for that unexpected help and inspiration! You may be surprised, everything on your vision board may come to pass within the year.

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