Questions On Macro Level Coordination Essay examples

Questions On Macro Level Coordination Essay examples

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Macro-level coordination is when the focus of study is on the overall coordination needs and structural methods to address those needs. In the tale of two-unit Unit B communication between the hospital entire staff is frequent, timely, and accurate. While in Unit A there’s a lack of communication between staff causing the medical unit to be full of chaos. The lack of communication and protocols not being used properly causes departments like Unit A to run poorly and lack in quality and access when it comes to patient needs. Unit B also conducts interdisciplinary rounds daily unlike Unit A. It is essential for all health organizations to conduct rounds in order to ensure all departments are running smoothly and review patient satisfaction.
There are three types of interdependence that presents the increases in coordination costs for an organization. In the “tale of two units” Unit A is more along the task of Reciprocal Interdependence. Reciprocal departments are the most complex and difficult to manage. Unit A is known to usually be a chaotic medical unit. Unit A has specific protocols and timing tasks they are to be follow for patients with certain conditions but at times these protocols and tasks are not followed. Reciprocally interdependent departments are managed through continuous information sharing and mutual adjustments.
Unit B is more of a Pooled Interdependence department. In this type of interdependence, each organizational department unit performs completely separate functions. While departments may not directly interact and do not directly depend on each other in the pooled interdependence model, each does contribute individual pieces to the same overall puzzle. A pooled interdependency requires standar...

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...n each patient room. Nurses can write their own names or when their shift is coming to an end, the name of the next staff member, as well as a reminder of what time rounds will next take place. This white board could also help with communication between nurses and care coordination which is another important element to implement into the Must Haves program. As patient safety has become an increasingly important issue in healthcare, nursing’s role in contributing to safety has become more important as well.
One initiative that would be great to measure the success of the elements used to implement this Must Have program would be patient feedback. The organization could get this feedback by sending out surveys or even calling patients to do over the phone surveys. These surveys would be a way to get an overall idea of the patient stay and the quality of care provided.

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