Essay on Questions On Letter And Word Recognition

Essay on Questions On Letter And Word Recognition

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Nafisa is working on letter and word recognition in reading group. Nafisa is making appropriate progress at his instructional level, but still performing below grade level. Nafisa is an energetic, polite, and respectful student. She follows classroom rules and routines. She is working towards mastering basic math facts in fact fluency. Nafisa would benefit from daily reading practice in order to strengthen fluency and comprehension of text.
David participates in classroom activities by asking and answering question, giving personal opinions, and expressing ideas on a topic under study. David demonstrates a strong knowledge of the material covered in the 3rd grade. He is reading independently at a beginning of 4th grade reading level as indicated by the DRA. Keep working hard David!
Quentin has been producing quality third grade work from the first day of school. Quentin tackles new challenges with a positive attitude. He uses strategies such as making connections, asking questions about the text, and inferencing to aid in reading comprehension. He has shown little struggle with 2nd marking period math concepts and is gaining fact fluency for basic math facts. Keep up the good work Quentin!
Emma has been producing quality third grade work from the first day of school. Emma tackles new challenges with a positive attitude. She uses strategies such as making connections, asking questions about the text, and inferencing to aid in reading comprehension. Emma is working hard to gain fact fluency for basic math facts. Keep up the good work Emma!
Brooke is an active learner in the classroom. She is able to share ideas with others and work in different group situations. Brooke is reading independent...

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.... Marcus is working on using a friendly tone of voice when speaking to classmates and friends.
Kaylee is an enthusiastic and energetic member of our classroom. She arrives to school each day with a smile, ready to learn. Kaylee is working in reading group to build her reading fluency during her double dose of reading instruction. Kaylee has shown little struggle with 2nd marking period math concepts. She is working hard to master basic math facts. Keep up the good work Kaylee!
Hunter is an energetic and enthusiastic learner. However, Hunter struggles with attention to task which is interfering with his learning. Hunter requires preferential seating near the source of instruction to minimize distraction and reminders to stay on task. Hunter is working on straying on task, following directions the first time given, and respecting other classmates.

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