Essay Questions On ' Identity Issues '

Essay Questions On ' Identity Issues '

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The episode I chose to analyze for identity issues, which is an animated series known as South Park. That aims to offend as many people as possible humorously. This sitcom revolves around the same characters in the South park community, In this episode of South Park, it starts with a character named as Cartman going to the restroom, and discovering that the stalls were all occupied. Cartman then puts a bow on his head and, goes into the girls’ bathroom, then he becomes “transginger” to the girls of the school, and becomes an upset to the principal. The principal attempts to punish him although Cartman knows this can cause problems in the media for the school, so in response the school meets Cartman 's demands, and gives Cartman his own “cisgender bathroom”. The girls see Cartman’s bathroom as unethical, and another character of the show known as Wendy, then identifies as transgender. In response Cartman to becomes furious, and goes up to her boyfriend, and his friend Stan using homophobic slurs, since he has a girlfriend who desires other girls. Stan then uses the cisgender bathroom out of confusion, and the next day Stan gets called out by everyone for being a cissy.1
Stan’s dad Randy also introduced in this episode, was asked to justify why fishnet stockings were in his pants while his wife was doing laundry. Randy felt inclined to hide his identity. Later in the scene Stan would be confused, and ask his dad about identifying as another gender, and Randy reveals to Stan his story about how he pretends to be a women, and how he feels free. At work Randy who is identifying as Lorde gets called into the office, and the boss expresses that other female workers are protesting against him utilizing the women 's restroom. ...

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...of these trans issues will not drive them towards transgender but will help them find out who they really are. Stan is just questioning his gender from all these trans issues around him, and for when his peers found out he was linked to questioning his identity he was marginalized, and had less privileges, and called names.4 These representations are in a way homophobic, whereas the society seeked the segregation of the transgenders and cisgender bathrooms. When Cartman found out Wendy was identifying as a transgender, he proceeded to find Stan, and furiously shout homophobic slurs at him “She 's got the whole school believing ' that she 's attracted to girls, but she 's dating you! So what does that make you, Stan? A girl! Stan-an 's a gir-rl! You 'd better curb your dog.”1 As subversive this is, Stan becomes rather shamed, and starts to question himself even more.

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