Essay about Questions On Ic Problem Solving Stages

Essay about Questions On Ic Problem Solving Stages

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1. IC Problem-solving stage:
In this problem solving model, I am currently engaged in the problem identification process with Mrs. V. and Mrs C. In problem identification, Mrs. V expressed some concerns that she is having with her student Bingo in her classroom. Mrs. V expressed that Bingo has been verbally abusive and threatening towards other students. Students have approached her after recess complaining that Bingo would call them names. She also expressed how Bingo does not understand the concept of personal space. He would do obnoxious things to other students such as wiping his dirty hands on another student. At one point, in the cafeteria, Bingo spit on the table and rubbed the spit on another student. Other students are afraid of Bingo, and avoid any contact with him. We discussed how often this behavior occurs in her class and what does the teacher do in order to correct Bingo’s inappropriate behavior.
The teacher mentioned that something happens in her class every single day. When she corrects Bingo, he begins to cry. He refuses to do any school-work and becomes verbally abusive towards other students. He would randomly leave the classroom without asking permission. The teacher tried to have the student do some group work, but Bingo refuses to work with a group. His behavior has affected the other students and no one wants to sit next to him. Now, Bingo sits in the back of the room, away from other students, and does not participate in any work. The teacher does not know how to deal with him, therefore, she no longer approaches him. She feels bad for him, but does not know what to do. Mrs. C also reports that Bingo does not do any work in her class. She praises him and tries to encourage him to do work. He tried, but...

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...rming different strategies that would be beneficial for Bingo. In order to complete this, the teacher’s knowledge of Bingo’s strengths and weaknesses are very important. We will discuss our goals, come up with a plan and make sure we agree on the most effective process.
I have discussed with my supervisor about doing the problem identification with both teachers. She insisted that it is a good idea, because I can obtain different information from both teachers. Although the other teacher is not expressing the same concerns, there may be antecedents that we are not aware of at the moment. Therefore, the more data we have, the better it is for our case. Further, I will complete observations on Bingo during structured and unstructured environments to gather more data on his behavior. The next time I meet with the teacher, I will provide them with data collection sheets.

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Questions On Ic Problem Solving Stages Essay

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