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Questions On Human Resources Development Essay

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Assignment Choice #1: Human Resources Development
Goals are aspirations in the workforce and life; without desire, focus, and feedback one will never obtain their goals. It is important for the supervisor to provide feedback to assist employees in reaching their goals in the workplace. The question is how much feedback is enough? And when does the supervisor deliver the feedback: informally or during the performance appraisal counseling? The answers to these questions may be the difference between a motivated workforce and a workforce with no growth. The motivation of an employee to excel in their career correlates with the reception of informal feedback, formal feedback during the performance appraisal process, and opportunities to partake in a career development program.
Continuous Feedback
“You’ll be hard-pressed to reach your goals if you don’t map out where you’re going. Take time to navigate your life” (Goodrich, 2014, para. 15). Feedback from leaders is like stopping and asking for directions when lost. There is no shame in receiving feedback because the information puts the person back on track to reach their goals.
Continuous, positive feedback reinforces the correct behavior and inspires the employee to continue to excel (Brecher, 2006); feedback increases knowledge and skills. Positive and constructive feedback is endless, meaning personal goals are always evolving and requires constructive criticism to reach the end (Govaerts, van de Wiel, & van der Vleuten, 2013). Supervisors should discuss professional goals with employees throughout the year to provide advice and steps to achieve their targets. Feedback should always be specific steps to correct or redirect a task or behavior. Ambiguous feedback can re...

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...eassurance, HiPos may not realize the organization’s appreciation for their work and look for employment elsewhere. This results in a high turnover rate and costs the organization money to replace the talent during recruiting and training efforts.
Feedback is the underlying factor of employee motivation and desire to advance in their career and reach for their goals. How the assessor presents the feedback and recognizes the employee’s potential is the difference between remaining with the organization and exploring options with a new company. Some assessors believe employee assessment and recognition is an annual event. However, consistently providing feedback and offering opportunities to build a mentor relationship between leaders and subordinates preserves HiPos’ interest with the organization because they realize the opportunity for advancement.

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