Essay on Questions On Healthcare Leadership And Ethics

Essay on Questions On Healthcare Leadership And Ethics

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Healthcare Leadership and Ethics
All styles of leadership must include ethics that are built on a foundation of values, obligation to do good, while adhering to the healthcare organizational codes that reflects the agency’s mission. In healthcare, this means high-quality care for patients or delivery outcomes ((Levitt-Rosenthal, 2013). In evaluation of my past career roles and where I would like to go in the future, I really have not had issues that I needed to work on. However, I have left two jobs because I did not agree with a few of the company’s policies in how they operated to keep grant monies. According to Larson (2013) the top five ethical issues, in healthcare delivery today, are finding a balance between efficient and quality care, where practitioners are asking themselves if efficiency should be the driving force. I believe it’s situational, for example the Veteran’s Administration delaying appointments, for whatever reason, is not an ethical decision, unless it is an issue than can wait thus enabling a more serious event to be seen sooner. The next issue is access to healthcare, in my specialty as a community health educator, this means developing health programs that everyone can access, not just a chosen few, or those who can afford it. The third issue is having enough trained healthcare practitioners in the field, training them honestly and ethically, to ensure sustainability in the field. This really lies within the field of education or institution that administers education. I have a teaching background, and when I taught pharmacy I was completely transparent about the field as a career, and included the advantages and disadvantages of working the field; knowing this in the beginning is key factor as w...

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...ned the same, other factors had not. It was my responsibility to research current methodology, trends, attitudes, practices, and medications that were in the current day model of pharmacy (Hebert, 2010). Ethically, I want to pass on to my students, the type of information that would give them the best outcome in their own personal career, which would result in quality care for their patients and clients that they would come in contact with, in their day to day work life. Finally, even though the medications have changed, one of the most important visions of pharmacy has not: “A pharmacy technician supports and promotes honesty and integrity in the profession, which includes a duty to observe the law, maintain the highest moral and ethical conduct at all times and uphold the ethical principles of the profession” (American Association of Pharmacy Technicians, 1996).

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