Essay about Questions On Financial Goals And Corporate Fund

Essay about Questions On Financial Goals And Corporate Fund

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Financial goals differ, based on Investors age, lifestyle, financial independence,

family commitment and level of Income and expenses among several other

factors. Therefore, it is necessary for Mutual Funds Companies to evaluate the

consumer’s need. They should begin by defining their investment objectives

and requirements which could be regular income, buying a home or finance a

wedding or education of children or a mixture of all these needs, the huge risk,

they are eager to take and their cash flow requirements. Some suggestions are-

1- The company should provide the details of different polices of mutual

funds to the investors.

2- To invest our money we have to select large cap mutual funds because its

has less risk.

3- It is suggested that the investors should not watch only one or two factors

before investing in mutual fund but they should also watch other factors

such as higher return, degree of transparency, efficient service, fund

management and Reputation of mutual fund in choosing of mutual funds.

4- A Mutual fund investor would be aware of his/...

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