Questions On Ethics And Human Sciences Essay

Questions On Ethics And Human Sciences Essay

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Knowledge produced with difficulty triggers our emotion and reason, allowing for the knowledge to hold greater value. Do we truly only value knowledge when it is produced with difficulty? Knowledge is information we gain through experiences. Value is how important something is to us, how we receive and utilize this knowledge. The target Way of Knowings I chose are Emotion and Reason. The first Way of Knowing is Emotion. Emotion works in conjunction with our ethics and how our personal experiences are influenced by emotional attachments. Emotion also affects the way we take in information The second Way of Knowing is Reason. We reason with our knowledge in different ways based on the type of information being taken in. Reason affects our intake and our reasoning behind value. The two Area of Knowledges I chose to address are Ethics and Human Sciences. Ethics is the way we perceive and gain information. Ethics relates to how much we value the information. Previous experiences provide a foundation for how we resonate with personal morals and ethics. Human Sciences provide the experiences, containing difficulty, that we learn to value. Knowledge produced with difficulty allows for humans to value the knowledge more since it is harder to grasp, allows for an exploration of disagreement, and gives us more perspective.

Knowledge produced with difficulty is harder to grasp, giving us more perspective and ultimately allowing us to value it more. Knowledge that has more of a learning curve or requires us to adapt, allows us to respect and value the knowledge more. Most people possess common knowledge. As humans, we want what is harder to achieve; something that will allow us to receive valuable experience and memories, something that d...

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...uly value. Knowledge produced with difficulty allows for humans to value the knowledge more since it is harder to grasp, allows for an exploration of disagreement, and gives us more perspective. Knowledge that is harder to grasp gives us a new perspective along with value. An exploration of disagreement challenges our ethics and reason however leading to a knowledge of acceptance and value. When knowledge though difficulty is achieved, so is value. This difficulty in the end gives us a valuable knowledge and ultimately value to the knowledge. Emotion, Reason, and Ethics all play a crucial role in the way we perceive these experiences that engineer our value towards knowledge. Ethics also play a role on our morals and values. Our moral and values contribute to our perception and how the knowledge affects us. Overall, we only value knowledge produced with difficulty.

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