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Questions On Australian Healthcare System Essay

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Question 1. Australian healthcare system
(Total marks for Q1 = 35, + 8 marks for referencing)

a) In one to two sentences for each term, DESCRIBE (not define!) of each of the following terms: disease, illness, sickness. (3 marks)
• Disease can be caused by either the introduction of bacteria into the body, which are one cell organisms that are responsible for illness. Or even smaller than bacteria, viruses which cause a multitude of diseases.
• The term illness is often referred to by society as a subjective feeling of being unwell, it doesn’t necessarily define a specific pathological process, but refers to one’s subjective experience of it, such as fatigue, discomfort etc.
• Sickness refers to cultural and societal conceptions of health conditions, which as a consequence alters and influences how a patient reacts to certain health conditions.

b) “Having good health is very different from only being not sick” Seneca the Younger 50AD.
Does the statement by Seneca the Younger agree more closely with the Negative Definition of health or with the Bircher Definition of health? Provide reasons for your answer. (3 marks)

The statement made by Seneca the Younger would agree more closely with the Bircher Definition of health. The Bircher Definition states that health is ‘a dynamic state of well-being characterized by a physical and mental potential, which satisfies the demands of a life commensurate with age, culture and personal responsibility.’ Likewise with the statement made by Seneca the Younger, both definitions identify that one’s health is measured by more than the presence of disease. Although Seneca the Younger doesn’t outright state that there are other factor of health that need to be taken into consideration this...

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From the introduction of the oil field into the country, Individuals would be more prone to living in environments that are unsanitary and inaccessible to safe water supply, due to pollution. Because of this, there would be a large majority of people who are exposed to these unsanitary conditions and also consuming unsafe water, which may result in them contracting water-borne diseases such as, cholera, typhoid fever and hepatitis. They would be uneducated on the procedures to minimise the symptoms, and also the spreading of these diseases to other people, as a result the spread of disease would occur at a much faster rate than it would in a more developed country.

As sanitation and quality of water would be one of this country’s greatest issues, it would be the sanest choice for the government, to supply this country with the expenditure required

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