Questions On Asian Religions Course Essay

Questions On Asian Religions Course Essay

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Introduction: Through the Introduction to Asian religions course, professor Duperon has introduced and taught many religious topics of eastern Asia to his class and me. His course specifically taught the traditions, philosophical foundations, and historical origins of Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism, Confucianism, and folk religions within China and Japan. While learning about these religious traditions, the students and I were informed that we should not just memorize the information, but rather use the new information to find similarities within differences and differences within similarities within each tradition. To do this our class was assigned to vote on a central theme that can be found amongst the religious traditions covered within the course and then find photos of the theme and write a paper on it. The theme our classed voted was fire and below is the assignment.
First Photo: The first image is a photo wedding ceremony within Hindu family. This can be identified by looking at the couple’s dress and the religious ornaments in the photo. In the middle of the photo, there is a fire on to the right of the fire there is a jar. The jar is filled with a substance that is known as ghee. Which is a form of clarified butter that is burned as a sacrifice to the gods in Hindu rituals. Although I did learn directly about Hindu wedding ceremonies in class, I did learn about sacrifice. Sacrifice a is central concept in Hinduism. For one to understand this concept better one must first understand the other core elements of Hinduism. One of the first core elements of Hinduism is the idea that every living creature in this world is stuck in the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. This cycle is known as samsara. The focus for people who follo...

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... try to get out while on the other hand Hindus typically just try to live good lives and follow the religious Hindu texts. Probably the biggest difference between these two religions is Buddhist do have any gods while Hindus do. Altogether, both religions have a lot in common with one another as well as some key differences.
Overall, this whole semester I have many new and interesting concepts about the religious traditions and practices of eastern Asia. Through this photo assignment, I could better explore the ideas of difference and similarities between Buddhism and Hinduism. After recalling information from class and doing some research I could find that although completely different religions they share similar goals and practices. It also became clear to see that the importance of fire is both metaphorically and literally prevalent within these two religions.

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