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Questions On Ap Studio Arts Essays

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Advanced Placement (AP) courses are being offered in high schools across the country as a way for students to explore subjects of interest, challenge themselves, and possibly earn college credit in the process. A fundamental characteristic for the success of an AP class is a well-prepared instructor who can guide students through the yearlong course of study. The frameworks of AP Studio Arts courses are drastically different than other classes. While most content areas present the information and skills students will need to know to pass an objective exam, studio arts students work diligently all year to create a portfolio of their work that is rigorously evaluated by art educators trained by the AP program. It is essential that AP Studio Arts teachers structure their class in a way that pushes their students to create the 24 quality artworks necessary for submission in the limited span of time offered within the school year. To do this, these educators must be able to develop a strong syllabus for their respective courses. This workshop will address the elements necessary to develop a syllabus that provides a strong foundation for learning that supports young artists attempting to earn college credit through an AP Studio Arts course.

Learning Objectives
The following learning objectives are meant to guide the decision-making process of AP Studio Art educators as they prepare a meticulous course of study for their AP students. There are numerous nuances to consider when teaching a portfolio-based class and meeting these learning objectives will help to ensure the success of both the instructor and their students.

1. Given a list of standard AP Studio Art curricular standards, the instructor will draft a s...

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How to Determine if Learning Objectives Will Be Met
To ensure that all learning objectives were met, data gathered from the formative and summative evaluations must be analyzed. During the formative assessment, each question aligned directly to one of the learning objectives and the participants were asked to either express in writing their understanding of each or rate their level of comfort with each using a Likert scale prior to their lunch break. The responses helped guide the beginning of the afternoon session and assured the leader that all participants were ready to move on to drafting their syllabi. Each educator’s syllabus was scored by the facilitator using the AP Syllabus Scoring Components Rubric. High scores on the rubric signified that the participants understood the material covered and successfully met the learning objectives.

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