Questions On American Business Schools Essay

Questions On American Business Schools Essay

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1. Discuss the merits and potential problems of American business schools offering their graduate programs in a foreign land.

Many avenues are available for American business schools to offer their graduate programs to students who reside in other countries. Institutions may establish branch campuses or rent space in other facilities. Another option is to offer validated or franchise degree programs, which are provided by local, independent establishments (1). Business schools can also provide online programs for students to access around the world (1). Regardless of the format, American business schools will acquire various benefits and encounter difficulties when extending their graduate programs to foreign countries.

When offering their graduate programs in foreign countries, American business schools will receive financial, status, student, faculty, innovation, and developmental benefits. One of the major benefits is additional tuition revenue, which can be utilized for further program development and reinvested into the business school (5). Having overseas graduate programs may provide American business schools with an advantage in status competition as it indicates that the school is dedicated to internationalism, which is considered in various college ranking systems (5). Thus, it would raise the school’s global profile and reputation. The programs can also expand schools’ networks (5). By having an international graduate program, American business schools can also graduate more students who possess better competence and confidence to succeed and lead in an increasing global business environment (1). Not only are student benefits realized, but those for faculty as well. American faculty can expand their internationa...

... middle of paper ... can involve offering discounts on tuition or offering early admission (2), which USFSP may want to utilize. Since the MOE is no longer approving joint programs in concentrated disciplines, such as management, USFSP may want to focus on other programs such as general management, finance, or accounting, which are favored by the MOE for approval (2). This would mean that USFSP would be involved in a full-scale joint-venture campus (7). Once the joint venture is approved, it must operate under the ministry’s supervision and USFSP would be obligated to prepare annual reporting, submit to auditing processes, and accept penalties for regulatory infractions or mismanagement (7). It is also imperative that USFSP compose an exit strategy in the event of the termination of the joint venture. This would entail an agreement that specifies a fixed term with renewal options (7).

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