Questions On A Valuable Tool For Teachers Essay

Questions On A Valuable Tool For Teachers Essay

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Questions are a valuable tool for teachers to encourage inquiry, discussion, and reflective thinking. Teachers use questions to probe for prior knowledge and provide scaffolding. For students, questioning engages them to participate in discussions and provide reasoning and examples. In my field experience at S.H. Elementary, I have observed a variety of questioning techniques from my cooperating teacher, Mrs. Branson and discussions from my 3rd graders. Before diving into a lesson, Mrs. Branson briefly introduces a topic and spends the next five minutes asking students inquiry based questions. Her questions would include, “What do you already know about this topic? What are your past experiences?” Inquiry based questions are one of the most frequently used methods for sparking critical thinking and analysis (EdPsych, p. 242). Mrs. Branson uses it to effectively identify prior knowledge, misconceptions, and as a form of pre-assessment.
In order to maximize critical thinking during class discussion, teachers need to provide sufficient wait time (EdPsych, p. 243). Mrs. Branson pauses for several seconds after asking a question to give her students an opportunity to develop their answers. After several seconds have passed and if there were only a few hands raised in the air, Mrs. Branson will inform the class that she will wait until she has more hands. When students deliver their answers and explanations, Mrs. Branson acknowledges answers and expands on ideas. She also directs her questioning to relate to real world experiences. For example, she asks her students what comes to mind when they hear the word electricity and what type of electrical items do they use at home. She asks students to provide specific examples and explain th...

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...s and discussions as a tools identiy their interest and curiosity, explore and build on ideas, and use as a measure of assessment. I would like my classroom to sound like a room filled with busy scientists; students interacting, critiquing, and bouncing ideas off one another. I would like my classroom to feel like a place where students ' inquiries and ideas are encouraged, respected, and challenged. A teacher can provide an activity or promote a student-centered classroom as a tool of debate to drive the inquiry about something they are passionate about. Through scientific inquiry, the students ask questions based on what they are observing and compare to what they know, plan and conduct investigations, use appropriate tools and techniques to gather data, use evidence and scientific knowledge to develop explanations, and communicate their findings with their peers.

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