Essay about The Questions of the Salisbury Cathedral

Essay about The Questions of the Salisbury Cathedral

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The Salisbury Cathedral is one of a kind. It is still standing after hundreds of years. I just recently just saw the beautiful building while flipping through our art history text book and it immediately caught my eye. I wanted to do more research about this cathedral and learn more about it. Who built it, why was it built, where is it located, and what happened in the cathedral? These are some of the questions that I want to figure out and more.
Salisbury Cathedral is the tallest and biggest cathedral in the United Kingdom. It stands at four hundred and four feet. What makes the cathedral the tallest is the spire. A spire is the tower or pyramid structure on top of the cathedral. The cathedral also has the largest cloister in Britain with a total of eighty acres (Darwin, 2013). A cloister is an open space that is rectangular. The goal of the cloister is to separate the monks from the other men or surfs that don’t live their lives in a church. Another amazing thing about this cathedral is that it has world's oldest clock, and it actually works still to this day. The clock does not have a face and it only tells time in hours and not minutes. The clock was originally placed in a bell tower that is no longer there. The bell tower was knocked down in 1792 (Darwin, 2013).
The west side of the cathedral contains two stairs. They head to a triple window. The lower level has two small doors. By the doors it is highly decorated with columns, quatrefoil motifs, trefoil motifs, and a lot of diapering. There are seventy three statues in the niches throughout the cathedral (Richard, 2009). There are a total of one hundred and thirty niches. In the cathedral there are many paintings. John Constable was a famous arti...

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...’s history. The fact that how much detail in the architect is unbelievable considering the lack of technology and machine power during the 1200’s.
Some would say Venice. Some might plump for the Taj Mahal. But there are many who have travelled the world, seen the sights and still believe the prettiest building on Earth is Salisbury Cathedral. The Salisbury Cathedral has inspired many people all around the world. It has beautiful statues and paintings in and on the outside of the cathedral. It has survived for hundreds of years through wars, plagues, and under different rulers. Not everyone thinks this building is a piece of art, but to me it is one of the greatest building ever built. The architects and the men building it over came many hardships and triumphed and ended up making a part of history that will last for another seven years and hopefully more.

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