Questions And Reference Management System Essay

Questions And Reference Management System Essay

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Assignment 1: Choose Potential Topics and Reference Management System Potential Topics and Reference Management System
Samanthea L. Price
Dr. Morse
February 14, 2015

Part 1
General Topics
The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) with a specialization in Computer and Information Security is the degree program that I have chosen to pursue. I chose the DBA degree path instead of the Ph.D. because of my professional experience in the computer information technology industry. The Contribution of New Knowledge for the DBA program should be incremental and practical according to the Northcentral University Differentiating Ph.D. and Applied Doctorates document provided as a reference on the NCU Dissertation Center website (2015, February 12) retrieved from This paper will discuss a brief list of research topics that I have chosen that appear to be applicable and practical to the DBA degree program of Computer and Information Security in professional industry and organizations.
Computer and Information Security
My professional career spans over twenty-five years in Information Technology and the decision to specialize in the Computer and Information Security concentration was the best fit for my degree program. One of my research topics will concentrate on the relationship of global information security between the United States and other countries. I anticipate the results from this topic will provide applied methods for securing information interchanged globally.
Gateways, Ports and Protocols
Another topic of interest is the compromising of computer networks; gateways; ports and protocols. The research performed on this topic will focus on studies that provide data a...

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