Questions and Conversion of Lifestyle Made Christianity What It is Today

Questions and Conversion of Lifestyle Made Christianity What It is Today

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The beginning of Christianity came with many questions of why and conversion of lifestyles that made Christianity what it is today. The conversions of these three religious figures are: Saul of Tarsus (Paul the Apostle) that hated Christians and had set out to seek and bring every Christian to public trail and execution. Augustine of Hippo (Aurelius Augustinus) was the Catholic bishop of Hippo in Northern Africa. A highly skilled writer and the first Christian Philosopher; he accomplished over a 30 year period 110 works as a keen observer of society before the fall of the Roman Empire. Mohammed, the founder and prophet of Islam, born into a culture of belief in multiple deities usually assembled into a pantheon of gods and goddesses (polytheism) and a worldview of non human entities (Animism).For the will of God’s purpose this Greek and Roman culture were integrated by the conversion and totalization for the ideal of saints.

With the acceptance of Suffering and Death in Greco-Roman made life hopeless, forgotten and no hope for short journeyed lives; these tragedies were strengthened through great disorder of confusion. Christians in the Greco-Roman acknowledged this pain and suffering for the Glory of God. They believed that life beyond death along with positive glorification while suffering receives the blessing as told. For those who love God, all things work together for the good, Paul of Tarsus (Rom. 8:28).
Believing and having faith over sickness, suffering, and rejection formed a close relationship with Christ while enduring the suffering and victory over Christ being crucified. Because of this, Christians didn’t live a life of chaos but in a life that constantly reflected a love and understanding for them and...

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...him and embraced him heavily. This happened two or more times after which the angel commanded Muhammad to recite the following verses:

When Muhammad was 40 years old, he was commanded by God, through his angel, Gabriel, to declare his identity to the idolaters and polytheists of the complete world, and to deliver the message of peace to an embattled humanity. In response to the current command of heaven, Muhammad launched the significant program known as Islam which was to change the destiny of mankind forever.

When Khadija heard the story that Muhammad told her, she comforted him and reassured him by saying: “O son of my uncle, be of fine cheer. Allah has chosen you to be His courier. You’re always kind to your neighbors, helpful to your kinsfolk, generous to the orphans, the widows and the poor, and friendly to the strangers. Allah will never desert you.”

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