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This school year (2013-2014) is my first official year in the international baccalaureate program. The courses I am currently taking are rigorous courses. However, because my school goes by block schedule, I only have four classes per term. Since I don't necessarily have a lot of free time, when I get home from school I've learned not to procrastinate, and to prioritize. Each night I would say that I typically spend about an hour on homework for each class, excluding my PE course. Personally, I think the most difficult class for me is actually IB Spanish. The sole reason being that learning a new language is difficult. IB English, history, art, math and biology are easy for me. I especially like my IB Biology and IB Art classes because I enjoy utilizing my creativity and also because I've had an interest in biology and medicine since I was in the third grade. Also, both classes involve a lot of hands on interaction. My classes and the homework I have typically fit in with the rest of my day pretty smoothly. I usually come home from school, start my homework for about an hour or so, then I go to basketball practice. Once I return from practice, I finish any left over homework that I have. Over the years I have learned to balance school and extracurricular activities pretty well.
Prompt # 3
Achieving the Student of the Year award for my Analysis of Functions class, my sophomore year, greatly affected me. Getting this award affected me because it really opened my eyes to the fact, that as long I put my mind to anything, and stay focused and determined I can achieve it. At this point, maintaining my grades, was something that had begun to come easy to me. However, when we had the academic awards ceremony, my sophomore year in Florida, when they called my name for the student of the year award for math, it was one of the greatest feelings. Admittedly, math has never been my strong suit. Unlike some people who could understand it with a snap of their fingers, no additional information necessary, I needed to break it down. I take it down to the simplest element and then I work from there. I personally think that this is what makes this experience so important to me.

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It made me aware to the fact that the majority of the time the most intelligent thing to do, is to break things down to the simplest aspect to solve it. Winning this award made me rethink my manner of approach to certain things, as well as see that with continual hard work and determination, I can achieve.
Prompt # 4
I consider myself as well as my family to be low income.
Prompt # 5
My interest in medicine and health, is something that I have had since I was a young kid. I was always continually asking questions pertaining to the human body and how it works. We weren't exposed to the internet but the first time my dad brought home Encarta, all I did everyday for days, was do research on any and everything related to medicine, health, and science. I am interested in medicine, health, and science, because there are so many medical, health, and scientific problems in our society today, and I continually ask myself how can this problem be solved. The moment that I believe I realized my true interest in medicine, science, and health, happened when I did research on Daniel Hale Williams, Ben Carson, and was first exposed to forensic science. I have always naturally been a curious person. I have this unending desire to seek answers and information. My biggest interest in health, science, and medicine, has to be forensic sciences. It is just really interesting to me how by proper observation of different aspects of the human body, one can discover cause of death. My exposure to forensic sciences came from watching forensic files as well as going to the library and checking out books on forensic science like Jumped, fell, or pushed? : how forensics solved 50 “perfect” murders by Steven A. Koehler. My interest in health and/or science will benefit me as well as others including other participants, my family and community in the sense that, I will be able to contribute something to society. I will be able to have an impact on my family and community as well as other participants; I could also help to influence them in a positive manner as a result of my interest. Another way that my interest will benefit people around me, is that, with the other participants for example, we could participate in intelligent debates or even exchange ideas on different subjects pertaining to health, science, and medicine.
Prompt # 6
I have had quite a bit of exposure to the college admissions process. A lot of this exposure has come from my high school counselor, research that I have done, as well as attending informational sessions provided by college admissions officers that come to Laguna Creek. My counselor has provided information about the various types of colleges, the application processes, and the admissions rate. In fact, November of 2013, my counselor came to my IB Scholars class, with out transcripts, and spent the entire class period going over everything pertaining to college. From the necessary tests like the ACT and SAT, to class rank and how it factors in to admissions. She also talked about financial aid and the various types of colleges there are; like private, religiously affiliated, public, etc. If I find any colleges that interest me, typically I go to their website and look around. The first page I go to is their admissions page, after that I check out student life, areas of study and athletics. I have gotten invitations to visit many colleges, however at this moment in time, the only college that I have visited is Stanford University. From my visit to Stanford, I learned about Stanford's application process, including the regular application as well as restrictive early action applications. I was also informed about Stanford's use of the Common Application and that along with the common application essay, there is also a Stanford writing supplement, which consists of three more mini essays. I also learned about the various programs offered at Stanford including interdisciplinary courses as well as the courses taught at the seven schools within the college itself.
Prompt# 7
If I do not attend the SMYSP Summer Residential Program this summer, I will be participating in summer league for my school's varsity women's basketball team as well as AAU. I will also be focusing on completing my extended essay for IB, my Works in Translation essay for IB English, and my historical investigation. Since I will be approaching my senior year, I will also start planning college visits to potential colleges and I will also attempt to either intern or volunteer at one of of the hospitals in my area.

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