Questions and Answers Regarding Artificial Intelligence Essay

Questions and Answers Regarding Artificial Intelligence Essay

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Answer the following:
Question no.1 what is the goal of AI? Explain the importance of AI in today’s world.
The basic goals of AI are:-

understanding of perceptual,
linguistic and
Creative processes
Understanding will be helpful in creation of new and informative intelligent tools for use in different industries and academia. Just as the invention of the internal combustion engine and the development of machines like airplanes resulted in unprecedented enhancement of the mobility of our species, the tools resulting from AI research are already beginning to extend human intellectual and creative capabilities in ways that our predecessors could only dream about.
The evolutionary understanding of the mechanisms extends the potential and limits of intelligence. The result of the evolution is the development of computer systems capable of performing tasks which are identified as traits of intelligence.

The importance of AI in today’s world:

AI will affect the lives of most individuals in civilized countries.
Countries leading in the development of AI by then will emerge as the dominant economic powers of the world.
With the combined budget of about one billion dollars, the Japanese are determined they will realize many of their goals, namely, to produce systems that can converse in a natural language, understand speech and visual scenes, learn and refine their knowledge, make decisions, and exhibit other human traits.
In the United States, firstly, there was the formation of a consortium of private companies in 1983 to develop advanced technologies that apply AI te...

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... it cannot find a match then that predicate expression fails and the interpreter backtracks to the previous one, till it finds a match. Anytime the Prolog interpreter cannot find another matching for the leftmost expression in a query, then there's no way the query could be satisfied; it types out the word no and stops. Anytime on backtracking it can find a new matching for some predicate expression, it resumes moving right from there as it did originally

Important of Backtracking in artificial intelligence
The purpose of backtracking is to give “second chances” to a query, by revising earlier decisions. Backtracking is very important in artificial intelligence, because many artificial-intelligence methods use intelligent guessing and following of hunches to do task. Guesses may lead to wrong conclusion, so backtracking is a good method for recovering.

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