Questions and Answers: History of Information Systems Essay

Questions and Answers: History of Information Systems Essay

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1. More often than not, database environments in an organization reflect data structures that have been developed over a period of years, sometimes haphazardly, and that often reflect a variety of architectural styles and structures. Look at the existing database environment in your organization or school or in a local company.

a. What is the age of the oldest information system used in the organization?

The oldest information system used at American International Group (AIG) is the online employee registration system. This system has been in use for the last 25years. The online database of employee information is useful for providing information to the management of the company. The information obtained aids in making choices for AIG.

b. What is the age of the newest?

The newest information system at AIG is 2years.The name of this system is the Accounting Information system. The accounting information system was adopted in order to cater for the emerging accounting needs of the company (Hoskins, 2010). The accounting needs of the organization were addressed after the introduction of the accounting information system. This implies that the system has gone a long way in terms of pushing the organizational agenda.

c. Does the organization have both traditional file-based systems and modern relational database systems?

The company operates on the basis of both the traditional and modern based file systems. For example, the online registry of employees mentioned at the onset is a traditional file based system while the accounting information system is a modern based organizational file system. Both file systems have been instrumental in terms of consolidating the data and information needs of the company. For ...

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...the sake of my business needs. This because the enterprise architect depends on how well the management of the organization is ready to follow the guidelines as outlined. The enterprise architect additionally is cost effective and creates a positive impact towards organizational operation. The use of tool has benefited organizations in many ways.
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Hoskins, J. (2010). Achieving business agility with IBM BPM and SOA connectivity how to leverage business process management and application integration to gain competitive advantage. S.l.: Maximum Press.
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