Questionnaire : ' Smiley Face ' Questionnaire Essay

Questionnaire : ' Smiley Face ' Questionnaire Essay

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The “Smiley Face” Questionnaire
Here is an example of a “Smiley Face” Questionnaire. Notice how the questions are constructed in a positive statement, and how the responses are structure so that responses can be categorized and ordered.
Now, read and respond to the following survey questions:
Think about a group that you have participated in, but that has ended. Please describe the group.
A group that I have participated in is a poetry and writing group in high school. This group was formed to help collect students work of poems and short stories for publication into the school Saga. The school Saga than would be sold to students and others to raise money for items the school might need such as football uniforms, new equipment, or computers to name a few examples. Usually the teacher would have the students pick a group leader or a teacher’s assistant would be the group leader, however, sometimes this was successful and sometimes it was not because the group leader was not always qualified to fill that position.
The school Saga was published every school year with student’s writings, however, once the book was finished and published the group would end for the year. In addition, every school year there would be a new group started, but it did not always have the same members because people would graduate and new members would join. However, some of the same people might be in the group from ninth grade until they graduated from high school, however, the leaders would be different from year to year also.
Complete the “Smiley Face” Questionnaire about the group you described in the preceding prompt by placing an “X” in the box that corresponds to your answer:
A. I achieved a...

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...ers fill out a questionnaire that measures level of satisfaction. One example is this questionnaire and another example is provided in the textbook. Such a questionnaire is a relatively simple and inexpensive way to measure the member’s satisfaction level with the group. The questionnaire can be filled out at the last meeting of the group or can be mailed to members sometime after the last meeting. Questions that evaluate process can also be added to this questionnaire” (Zastrow, 2015, p.515-516).

The Smiley Face Questionnaire.pdf (2016). Retrieved from
Castro, Charles H. (2015). Social Work with Groups: A Comprehensive Worktext (9th ed.). Stamford, CT: Delmar Cengage Learning.

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