Essay on The Questionnaire On Learning Style And Strategies

Essay on The Questionnaire On Learning Style And Strategies

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The VARK questionnaire is a useful and efficient tool for many students to use in order to comprehend and ultimately unlock the learning style and strategies that work best with students to achieve success as well as generate potent study habits. After taking the VARK questionnaire, my results were as follows; Visual 12, Aural 9, Read/Write 9 and Kinesthetic 11. Based upon my results I was easily able to conclude that I am a visual learner while also, being an active or more of a hands-on type of learning style. I strongly agree with my results since my brain processes things easier when I am either watching it or learning to do it myself hands on. In addition to my results, it was stated that I was multimodal, which you can see that my results are fairly close in numbers. Knowing that I’m multimodal (VK), I can easily apply multiple different studying techniques and strategies in many areas of subjects that I see fit. All in all, from what I learned about my learning preferences I have created the sets of goals to achieve this semester and more classes down the road that incorporate both my results and what the psychology book duly notes.
One suggestion from my VARK results, was to implement more pictures, diagrams, or concept maps into my notes. Applying these things will certainly help me visualize and comprehend the material meritoriously. In fact, at the start of this semester I began to use concept maps to take superb notes for this course to easily piece together each concept as well as see how they all correlate chapter to chapter. In doing so, using concept maps I can easily re-create the map from memory which will indicate how well I know the concepts of that chapter and how they all correlate with each other. Another v...

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... to reading fatigue. In PIA-7, it describes how students should read text books to get the most out of it instead of only reading what’s been assigned. I’ve been known to follow this trend too sadly, in order to break this habit, I will break up the chapter into smaller reading sessions, that way I have more time to process the information in addition to making it tranquil later on. Both VARK and the book recommend this for my learning preference to effectively retain information and perform well on exams.
My last goal, in summary is to prioritize all of my assignments and making sure that I start to study for all of my exams a week before so I’m not cramming in any last minute information and I have ample time to spend on each section to master them to the fullest. Studying early is smarter, since you easily retain the information not only better but effortless.

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