Questioning the Fate of Antigone Essay

Questioning the Fate of Antigone Essay

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I chose to write my essay over a topic revolving around the question of whether Antigone’s death could have been saved or whether it was even changeable. The article The Death of Antigone wrote by Joseph S. Morgan gives opinions by the writer that suggests answers to these questions. Joseph explains the opinion of scholars that suggest that Creon could have chosen the fate of Antigone or Creon was unable to save Antigone. He does not seem to agree or disagree with the opinions being held, rather explaining why each opinion is not questionable.
Joseph Morgan’s article is based on opinions of scholars who question whether Creon could have changed Antigone’s fate. He starts his article off by stating few scholars question if Creon would have chosen to bury Antigone’s brother if her life would have been saved. “Yet scholars have shown surprisingly little concern for this question,” (Morgan 177). While many others do not show any interest and simply agree with the outcome of the play. (…by their silence, perhaps indicate a tacit agreement with Jebb, who believes that there is no way of ascertaining whether Antigone could have been saved,” (177). I would agree that Antigone’s fate was already chosen. If Creon would have chosen to bury Polyneices then Antigone would not have been able to show the evil that was Creon.
Joseph Morgan thinks that the scholars who believed Antigone could have been saved were just accusations rather than having any facts to back up their opinions. He suggests that their only fact was that Creon should have gone into the cave first and rescued Antigone before going to his son. His argument suggest that Creon did not have any backing information to let him know the ...

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... Creon led to the suicide of Haemon and Eurydice though fate had already been decided. Haemon wanted to support Antigone’s decision and he confronted his father which sparked outrage in Creon. Haemon commits suicide which results in Eurydice committing suicide after hearing the news. Creon is now left with the burden of his family’s death in his hands. He too wants his life to be taken but the Gods will not have it. He needs to suffer in order to know the pain he has caused others.

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