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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a bildungsroman story where the protagonist grows up becomes aware of her body and how it is changes with puberty. A bildungsroman passage is where the novel focuses on an, “individual's growth and development” (Hader). In the book, Alice goes on many adventures where she feels like she is not herself because she is becoming a young woman. When going through puberty, girls normally grow three and a half inches a year (while they go through adolescence)(Brown). Growing up is a major part of everyone’s life; puberty is just one of the challenges that everyone has to go through.
Through out Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll also uses the symbol of the food and Alice’s actions to convey that growing up can be unpredictable. When Throughout the book, she eats food that changes her body size. The way that Alice’s body fluctuates in the story is similar to how a girl would feel when she goes through puberty. Alice questions her identity throughout the text by changing her size frequently, making it seem like she does not feel comfortable in the body she is in, but trying to find the perfect size until she feels right.

Throughout the story, Lewis Carroll uses the metaphor of the rabbit hole to represent growing up and reality of life. The story starts off with Alice sitting near a tree, when she saw out of nowhere a white rabbit who was in a hurry, and Alice was curious to where he was headed to. She followed it and the next thing she knows is that she is falling in rabbit hole and is headed to the adventures of the unknown. The adventures she goes through is what is what all girls will go through one time or another.
To begin, while Alice was in the garden she met a caterpillar ...

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...w how add the page numbers with parentheses and all. It has really helped me and hopefully will help me with my college classes. I think you should keep The Awakening by Kate Chopin because our discussion on it got deep and funny but that’s what class should be like. I love that you taught us about doings and sayings. That’s the one thing that I think I took from your class that can actually help me in other classes also. I need help with knowing what tense I should use throughout my paper, because later in the analysis I start to not make sense.

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