Essay about The Quest For Contact With Aliens

Essay about The Quest For Contact With Aliens

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It has been a species wide dream of humans to come in contact, as well as to communicate with super-and sub-human intelligences, but this dream has only become a perusable scientific enterprise since the late nineteenth century. Peters explains, “The quest for contact with aliens is a leading example of the dialectic of enlightenment, the persistence of myth at the heart of the most secular enterprise. Even more, it is an allegory of faith in a disenchanted universe” (Peters 246). Our constant interest in communication with extraterrestrial intelligences is due to the fact that we are among, as well as surrounded by alien communication. Peter’s suggests that “aliens populate cinema, television, and the tabloids, all of which assumer that contact has been made and take it from there with bathos of horror” (Peters 255). That being said, if extraterrestrial intelligence did exist, we cannot successfully communicate with them due to gaps in the time of communication, as well as lack of lack of cultural context.- we have no right to assume that they will be like us…they could be anything, they could communicate In anyway… its pointless for peters. Signals could be human language to us- we can only understand signals. We never get a signal. Only way to understand human life is to live the human life.
It is important to note that many science fiction stories and films presume that two different species with no cultural context can communicate efficiently. Human-to-alien communication is portrayed in stories and films in the following way: either communication is done smoothly in English or a neutral language, or absolutely no communication takes place due to the lack of language and cultural context. Not to mention, extraterrestrial in...

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...ood by extraterrestrial intelligences. In order to formulate a message that will be understood by extraterrestrials, we must assume that science is not the universal language. Extraterrestrial intelligences live in a different cognitive, as well as semiotic worlds when it comes to thinking.
It is interesting how we cannot let go of our drive to communicate with extraterrestrial intelligences. It is worthy to note that we might be looking at it the wrong way as Peters states “Instead of being terrorized by the quest for communication with aliens, we should recognize its ordinariness. There is no other kind of communication” (Peters 257). This quote ties in to the the idea of our inability to come into fellowship with ‘otherness’. We are so caught up in thinking about these creatures and how they are so different that we often forget that humans too, are exotic.

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