Queer As An Umbrella Catch All Term For Any Individual Essay

Queer As An Umbrella Catch All Term For Any Individual Essay

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Throughout this paper the word 'queer ' will be used as an umbrella catch all term for any individual who is not heterosexual or cisgender, and anyone in the LGBTQ spectrum. Queer will also be used as part of the methodology, it will represent "a moment of fissure when that which is normal is thrown into question...[and] set out the notion of queer as a way of denormalizing gendered heterosexuality." ( Li-Vollmer and LaPointe 92) Using queer examination of film, this paper will discuss and explore the struggle between normalcy and deviance. Queer coding occurs when a character is given common traits associated with queer people, whether that is stereotypical or not depends on the character and the creator themselves. This paper will explore queer coded characters in mainstream Hollywood media as comedic performances and it will discuss stereotypical ideas of queer characters, including the effeminate gay man stereotype. Stereotyping harms our society 's images of queer people, and it is important to halt dangerous stereotypes.

Someone who holds characteristics that are commonly held by the other gender are assumed to be gay by our heterocentric society, feminine men or masculine woman for example. Stereotypes are embedded in how we see other people, even if we try to avoid them. They are in our school systems, movies, newspapers, and neighborhoods. It is inescapable. They are commonly used to target and justify discrimination. We cannot counter these discriminations without first understanding and changing how we see these stereotypes. In a study done in 2009 by Aaron J. Blashill and Kimberly K. Powlishta, they found that "gender stereotyped characteristics" are heavily "attributed to gay men and lesbians" and they also found t...

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...[or simply defeated] by our unambiguously heterosexual hero." (Crewe 2) As Scar is with his nephew, Simba, a light colored and masculine hero. The queer coded must be defeated by the 'normal ' man, an overtly heterosexual hero. What does a child feel when they see a character they may empathize with be thwarted in such a way?

Queer people must deal with the lack of reputation in media, and the fact that what little portrayal that is given, is stereotypical and negative, like the sad queer trope or the queer coded villains. Movies and television series display how the society see people, despite it being fantasy, it reflects mainstream views. Viewing mainstream cinema is one of the easiest way to understand societal issues. Homosexuality is slowly being shown as positive in media, however even now it is not perfect. Without critiquing media, we cannot expect change.

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