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Queen Mary I of England
"In thee, O lord, is my trust, let me never be confounded: if God be for us, who can be against us?" was what Mary Tudor, queen of England from 1553-1558, frequently exclaimed according to Anna Whitlock, author of Mary Tudor: England’s First Queen (429). Mary was a very devout Catholic, and because of her beliefs, she attempted to convert England from Protestantism to Catholicism, which resulted in the killing of 284 Protestants during her reign (Maurer 2). Although she performed many cruel acts, a closer examination of history revealed that Mary faced many hardships during her life that resulted in her spiteful retaliation toward Protestants with cruelty that was not uncommon during that time. Therefore, she is not deserving of her nickname “Bloody Mary.”
Mary grew up with the Catholic faith being very close to her heart. Overtime, it became a part of her identity, especially during hardships. When Mary was born, her father, King Henry VIII, said she was the “pearl of the world” (Maurer 3). She was well educated, with a gift for music and language (Whitlock). It seemed like a happy life, but all of that would change when her father attempted to divorce her mother, Catherine of Aragon, because she could not produce a heir. At this time, the Catholic faith was the main faith of England and the Pope was seen as the true ruler of the European countries (Maurer 3). Because the Pope would not allow him to divorce Catherine, Henry banished her. The years that followed only became more treacherous for Mary. She was sent away to become a servant to Anne and Henry’s daughter, Elizabeth, and was not permitted to see her mother, even on her deathbed (Maurer 7). Mary wrote her father countless letters asking for an exp...

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...testines, but he is called “Buff King Hal” (Maurer 27).
History has recorded the many horrible things that occurred during Mary’s reign, but the positive outcomes are often ignored. For example, she was the first female monarch in England and allowed many others to follow (Noel). She became queen to a torn country in debt (Fabel). Nevertheless, she was able to create a stronger Parliament, build grammar schools and hospitals, and create new laws to improve trade opportunities and prevent unemployment (Maurer 28). Yet, people only remember her for the horrid acts she inflicted upon the Protestants, as if there had not been countless other rulers who had performed in similar ways. Mary Tudor was, sadly, one example of how history is often written to portray those with opposing views in a negative light. Because of this, she will always be remembered as “Bloody Mary”

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