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Her father and mother where King Henry VIII and Anne

Boleyn and had one brother and sister, Edward and Mary. But Queen Elizabeth had

troubles of her own. She was abandoned by her own father, locked away by her own

sister, but that didn’t stop her to become the greatest queen we know.

Elizabeth father had some crimes on his own. When Elizabeth was only three he

beheaded her mother, Anne Boleyn because she did not give him a baby boy; she gave

birth to a girl. Soon after Elizabeth wasn’t raised in a palace with her father she was sent

away. Fortunately, Elizabeth had many loving people look after her. (Eding/Harrison, 9)

She had a governess name Catherine but Elizabeth called her cat. Another important

person in her life was Roger Ascham, he was her private teacher. When Elizabeth was

thirteen, her father died and price Edward was only nine. Still, he became king of

England. Bur king Edward often lived sick, so he died at the age of fifteen. Next in line

was her sister Mary, she was thirty-seven years old when she became Queen of England.

Though Mary made trouble in England. She grew up Catholic but many people including

Elizabeth where Protestant, and many people were scared she may change religion. And

though she did, because she married Prince Philip of Spain and he was too Catholic. She

insisted that everyone else in England be Catholic as well. Those who didn’t obey could

be put to death. During her rule, more than 250 people were burn to stake.

(Eding/Harrison, 15) Mary believed that her sister Elizabeth was practicing the Protestant

religion in secret (Robert, 13) and that she was plotting to be queen, so she threw

Elizabeth in jail. At first Elizabeth didn’t want to go because she knew there was no

escape. So she sat down on the cold, wet floor. For two months Elizabeth stayed locked

way not knowing if she will live or die. She would write letters to Mary asking for

innocence, but Mary would ignore. Finally Mary released Elizabeth . Still, she had to live

in house arrest for a year at a nearby palace. (Eding/Harrison,17) As for Queen Mary she

was desperately trying to have baby because she wanted her to make sure her loved one

rule. But unfortunate she did not have any kids so next line was Elizabeth.

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Mary did not

give up her rule until she was in her death bed. Queen Mary was forced to face the facts:

Elizabeth would be queen. (Eding/ Harrison, 20) Finally Elizabeth became Queen of

England in November of 1558. But it wasn’t a easy ride for her to become Queen of

England. Elizabeth position and power were far from certain. Ceremony was crucial part

of government at the time, Mary had to be buried, then finally return to London to be

crowed. However the plans for the ceremony were not coming along so easy. According

to the country’s rules, the archbishop of Canterbury was the religious leader charged with

crowing England’s monarchs. (Pratt, 2) But the Canterbury Reginald Pole had died the

same day as Mary. The rules are required to be crowned Queen. However the bishop if

Durham was excused because of his age and the Bishop of Bath would not participate

because of the loyal he had with Mary. After other leading bishops refused to help

because of disagreements or illness from the influenza epidemic, a junior religious leader

name Owen Oglethorpe, the bishop of Carlisle, agreed to officiate. (Pratt, 13) She finally

reached the throne. As being Queen of England, Elizabeth had to quickly find men who

would help rule the country. Elizabeth made her Privy Council smaller than Mary‘s but

nearly the same size as the council that her father advised. Elizabeth had approximately

nineteen advisers. As queen, Elizabeth plan to make England Protestant country once

again. This was the religion she had grown up practicing. (Kraske, 20) Church services

would be held in English now and people were allowed to celebrate the catholic religion

in privately if they chose. Queen Elizabeth did have plots against her. Elizabeth had a

cousin Queen Mary Stuart, queen of Scotland. But Protestant nobles in Scotland rebelled

against Queen Mary. Mary came to stay with Elizabeth for more than seven-teen years.

But Elizabeth had her doubts. While Mary stayed in England, Elizabeth made sure she

was watched because she knew Mary might try to over throw her. As Elizabeth doubts

were right, Mary and her supports plotted against her but when the plot failed, Elizabeth

had to decide Mary’s fate. (Karake, 22) She did not want to behead her own cousin, but

Elizabeth was afraid Mary would plot again. Her fears provided true. Anthony Babington

planned to kill Elizabeth and make Mary queen. But when the plot was discovered he was

beheaded and Mary life was in dept. Elizabeth’s councilors convinced her that Mary was

too dangerous. So Elizabeth was forced to make a ugly chose, she put her cousin to death.

Another threat to Elizabeth’s crown came in 1588. King Philip II of Spain, he plotted to

invade England and take the crown for himself. (Kraske, 24) Philip was married to her

older sister, so he believed he should be crown. He fled 130 ships, 20,000 soliders, and

8,000 sailors to English Channel. Elizabeth send out a smaller fleet but their ships had an

advantage, there cannons balls could shoot a far distance. On July twenty-eight, after nine

hours of fights the Spanish ships headed home. Elizabeth kept her thrown. In the winter

of 1602 Elizabeth’s health was fading. She had a cold but refused to take medicine.

(Karske, 26) So there for her life was put at risk. In the palace the mirrors were cover, so

she won’t have to see her worn face and wearied excessive make-up. Elizabeth stilled

wanted to look fabulous and queen appearance. But by March 1603, Elizabeth was too

weak to stand. On the morning of March twenty-four 1603, she died. Though we may

never know what her illness came from, but she gave battle to fight.

Elizabeth may have had some bad troubles through her life, but not one seem to

fail her. From her father beheading her mother and moving her away, her sister locking

her away, and plots against the queen, she was successful Queen. Which many had doubt

her success all along. But Elizabeth never gave up and fought all the battles.

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