Queen Elizabeth, One of England´s Most Influential Leaders Essay

Queen Elizabeth, One of England´s Most Influential Leaders Essay

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Queen Elizabeth had a hectic childhood which was the key in Establishing her determined nature, which helped her later to return England to its previous position of power. This determination was vital for Elizabeth to become a successful queen in a male-dominated world.
During the 16th century, women were not equivalent to men. Women were rarely educated and had only a few rights. The woman basically got marry and had children, or had simple jobs. Certainly, they were viewed as weak individuals and inferior to men. In spite of that one woman raised above this common perception - her majesty, Queen Elizabeth I.
In the beginning, Elizabeth’s future was unclear. Even though she was born a princess, by age three her mother was killed for performing adultery and violating other laws. While her mother was awaiting execution, Elizabeth was recognized as a bastard child. She was sent away to virtual exile from the royal court and with an older half sister who shared the same fate. No longer was she an heir to the royal throne, her ability for greatness was seemingly quelled before being given a chance. The title “Princess” was taken from her and replaced with “Lady” Elizabeth, and the money for her care slowed to a trickle, only just enough to keep her clothed.
By the time Elizabeth was ten years old, Henry her father had married and divorced three wives in succession. The last wife, Catherine Parr, persuaded him to reinstate Elizabeth’s right as an heir and bring her back to Court. Here, she can shared her younger half-brother’s tutors and received a outstanding education. Now Elizabeth had motivation to be more determined about her future. Sadly, she also had reason to dwell on the prior execution of her third stepmother, K...

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...aiting with her army. So when the Armada came into clear view, England set empty ships on fire and let them loose to wreak havoc. Unable to avoid the floating flames, The Spanish ships caught fire from the floating flames and many of them sank. Only about sixty seven lifeless home remained and they were badly damaged. This was a significant victory that sent a message to the rest of the world that England was still a fearsome enemy in combat..
In conclusion, deprived and separated from royality and an illegitimate child, she transpired into a woman of great power. Queen Elizabeth managed to hold together a struggling country and became known as one of England’s most influential rulers. She reinstated its power throughout her solitary forty five year reign, and in doing so became widely respected, not only during her own lifetime but for generations to come.

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