Queen Elizabeth and her Conflicts Essay

Queen Elizabeth and her Conflicts Essay

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Queen Elizabeth I was one of the most famous monarchs along with being one of the most successful woman rulers in history (Rowse 243). During her reign, she is said to have kept a long and eternal peace. Wikianswers believes that the main conflict she had during her reign was, “the aspects of the catholic religion”. Yes, religious settlement of England needed to be established, but her throne was in danger of her sister in the start and the intrusion her cousin later had greatly impacted and challenged Elizabeth. These are the obstacles I think she more had to battle during her reign. But she wasn’t always first in line for the royalty seat.
Elizabeth was the child of King Henry and Anne Boleyn (Galli) born in the year 1533. King Henry had a previous wife named Catherine of Argon with whom they bore Mary in the year 1516. King Henry of course wanting a male heir kept trying and finally had a boy in 1537 with Jane Seymour named Edward VI. Edward was concluded to inherit the throne but died at a young age leaving Mary I of Henry’s children to be next in line (Galli). King Henry lived to the age 55 and passed due to bad health. This was the year of 1547 and Mary being the successor, became queen.
Mary I “suffered terrible childhood of neglect, intolerance, and ill health”, says Galli. In her years she went from having high status, to loosing it all from a law change, to receiving it all back and reinstating her to the throne. Her major goal once queen was to reestablish Catholicism and was very committed. She was named Bloody Mary due to her burning of 300 Protestants at the stake which is a big sense to why “her reign was unpopular” (Galli). Thomas Wyatt led a rebellion with many Protestants to dethrone her. Mary was certain El...

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...gue to rest in her bed. She died in March of 1603 (Queen Elizabeth I).
Queen Elizabeth never had children so her successor was James VI of Scotland who became James I of England. He was the son of Mary Stuart and was King of Scots, Ireland, and lastly England as of 1603 at the age of 37 (Wikipedia). He was a talented scholar and “The Golden Age” continued into his reign.
Through Elizabeth’s 45 year’s of British rule, she battled challenging obstacles such as religious conflict, Mary Tudor’s rule, peoples’ will to overthrow her, and Mary Queen of Scots intrusion. She faced these trials and managed to be given the title of England’s greatest monarch. This influential woman ruler left inspiration and knowledge for future monarchs and the British government for many years to come. She had also provided her country with stability and a sense of identity (Rowse 245).

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